• Prostate Cancer Canada was looking for a quality video production company to help us differentiate ourselves during National Volunteer Week 2019. In the charity world, small budgets are a reality and we quickly identified VCM as an enthusiastic partner willing to go above and beyond to help us develop videos we could leverage on our social media channels. We are certainly thrilled with the products delivered. They effectively tell the story of our volunteers in a short, powerful way. At every step, the VCM team worked closely with us to a tight timeline, overcoming any challenges that arose to deliver the videos on time and on budget. We are very happy with the work of VCM and hope to work with them again in future.

    Prostate Cancer Canada

    Director, Communications | Prostate Cancer Canada
  • We worked with VCM on a couple of different projects. One was to cover our conference and create a post-conference video. And the other project was to capture some customer testimonials across Canada, editing them into a two different videos. On both these projects, Paul and his team were wonderful. They delivered beyond the scope and were very organized, detail-oriented and professional.

    It’s a great production studio, and we would definitely consider working with them again.

    Donna Tamosaitis

    Senior Manager, Advertising and B2B Marketing - Choice Hotels Canada
  • Comfycup is the world’s first portable cup holder for public transportation.  We needed an eye catching, cool 3D animated video to show the application and features of our unique product.  We knew this would be an effective tool to support our sales and marketing efforts.  After looking at several studios we found VCM Interactive to be the best 3D animation company to create our product showcase video. VCM was very easy to work with, quick to respond and most of all very professional throughout the entire process. While using a CAD file to make the render video of the Comfycup cup holder, VCM managed to provide an outstanding result within the time frame given and within the production budget. The VCM process was efficient and smooth, from the first brainstorm meeting, weekly phone calls & emails to the end result. The animated video of the cup holder was instrumental in getting Comfycup to market.  We showed the video at our Product Launch in October 2018, where it created the “WOW” effect we wished for. Since the launch, the product video has received a lot of attention from places like Yahoo, Cheddar, Odditymall and more. Resulting in lots of B2C and B2B inquiries and sales.


    Founder | Comfycup
  • Tronoplast chose VCM Interactive to create a 3D animated visualization of our Multi Micro Layer (MML) Blown Film Technology.  We decided to work with VCM because they were professional, responsive and provided a solution within our budget.  VCM met our tight timeline and had a diligent approach to the end result. The customer service was great and they were ready to have on-site discussions and rapid communications.  Working with Paul at VCM was very positive and hassle free.  VCM guaranteed the expected results.  The video was presented successfully at NPE2018 in Orlando where it got a lot of attention and created inquiries, which was the goal.

    Sergey Kotylev

    Executive VP - Tronoplast Technologies Inc.
  • From the first interaction, Paul at VCM was responsive, flexible, and full of ideas for making our project feasible within our time and budget limitations. Casting actors was a surprisingly easy and collaborative process – VCM provided many promising talent options and helped guide our choices. We appreciated the creativity, enthusiasm and sense of fun the team brought to the video shoot as much as we appreciated their efficiency. They gave us opportunity for input throughout the casting, shoot and the editing process. He and his team did a fantastic job on our promotional video, and we’d be thrilled to work with them on a future project. Thanks again for making our project such a success! We’re getting great feedback around the business so far.

    Nadia Kassam

    Sales & Marketing Specialist - Graham & Brown
  • VCM has been an important part of our company’s success. From the beginning, Paul and Ace helped us define our brand identity, our tone of voice and guided us through the creative process.

    They have worked side by side as if part of our team, delivering every project on time and exceeding our expectations with the quality of their work, creative effects and many contributions to enhance our final product. We couldn’t have found a better partner for our video content development and I highly recommend them as a trusted partner.

    Biserka Pena

    VP, Sales & Marketing - Sensors & Software Inc
  • They say first impressions are everything and after meeting with the VCM team, it became clear very quickly that they shared our core values and commitment to quality that we look for in all of our suppliers and partners. We had nothing but a positive experience working with VCM. The crew that was sent to cover our event was first-class and professional. At the end of the day, the thing that we enjoyed the most about working with VCM is that they delivered what they promised. It seems simple, but it truly is rare in today’s business community. I would have to say that VCM is a Hard Working, Honest, and Talented team who brought leadership and attention to detail to our important video. We thought that the final result was World Class, Effective, and Entertaining.


    Matthew Maida

    Director of Operations - Pinkberry Toronto
  • We ended up selecting VCM as our video production vendor because of the quality of video samples on their website. Paul Nandrajog, VCM’s Producer was fantastic throughout the process; he allowed us to have total creative input from beginning to end and really made our ideas come to life in an amazing climatic video. We played the video at our 200+ internal conference and everyone was blown away! The customer service was great and they made our brand and event look amazing. Lakeside Controls would definitely recommend VCM for any video production related project because they play as a team and are creative but technical.


    Jeremy Rogers

    Marketing Coordinator - Lakeside Controls
  • To whom it may concern,

    I had the pleasure of working with Paul and VCM Interactive on the creation of my schools video. Paul presented a detailed and organized plan and surpassed my expectations with final delivery. The entire process was a wonderful experience and the crew that accompanied were pleasant and patient with us. The video was well received and many commented on the quality and flow. We are very happy with the entire video. Paul also created another video for my school in Africa recently pro bono. This was a pleasant surprise and very welcomed. Paul is amazing and wonderful and highly recommended for his line of work. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Mrs. Enza Marzano-Pellegrini

    Principal - Montessori School of Kleinburg
  • VCM came to us with a unique proposal that incorporated everything we were looking for. Their pitch hit the mark. Our tagline for KKP – is Yes We Can. VCM had pitched using our tagline in a complete series called No You Can’t, Yes We Can. The content of the videos delivered exactly what we wanted – to promote everything we can do for a client that either they or our competition cannot. From the videos, we created a series of direct mail cards and website banners that complimented the video series. Because the video content was so strong, we were able to create a complete integrated marketing campaign that the franchisees were able to use in their local marketing to help build the KKP brand and the awareness for our services.

    VCM is a professional organization with a personal approach. They were very easy to do business with and they made my job easy. VCM organized everything from talent, to the actual day of shooting, were accommodating and adapted to various changes during shooting, editing and final production. VCM made everything absolutely seamless for me and the corporate team at KKP head office. Thank you VCM! We would not hesitate to recommend VCM and we would definitely choose them as our partner for any other video productions we may have.

    Anita W

    Manager, Advertising & Marketing - KKP – Kwik Kopy Printing Canada Corporation
  • We hired VCM to film a series of commercials and the final product was fantastic.

    Paul and his team were great – incredibly organized, professional, and passionate about the work they do.

    These videos have become a staple of our online presence and we are very happy with the result!

    Nick Farnell

    Operations Manager - Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
  • Working with VCM Interactive was a great experience for us. Their well-organized team helped us plan our video series from start to finish: from messaging and look to voiceover talent and animation. While finishing up the videos, their animator went the extra mile by continuing to make small improvements even when we were already happy with his work. This is a hard-working, detail-oriented studio, and we’d happily work with them again.

    Joanna Karaplis

    Marketing & Communications Manager - BookNet Canada
  • To make our school promo video we needed a partner who would understand our vision and be able to capture our school culture, so that prospective clients could appreciate what T.I.A. has to offer.

    While working with the crew, it quickly became obvious how professional, enthusiastic, and detail-oriented they were. Although some of the staff and students were nervous to perform in front of the camera, the crew was able to put everyone at ease, which was apparent in the finished product – everyone looked relaxed and natural.

    Though we had some idea of what the video would be like, it’s safe to say that it surpassed even our greatest expectations. The finished product showcased the crew’s originality and creativity by highlighting key aspects of our school philosophy.

    All of our school members and partners have sent us high remarks for our video. Thanks very much VCM. We look forward to working with you again for the next project.

    Charles Lee

    Principal - Toronto International Academy
  • We enjoyed working with Paul and his team! It was a challenge working with us as we did not have a clear vision of what we wanted or how to communicate it. Paul worked through the challenge and the end result was above our expectations. We recommend anyone looking for digital video to talk to Paul and his team.

    Garry & Gina Hillis

    Partners - Hillis Group Realty
  • Amazing! Had the pleasure of working with VCM, right from the beginning I got a great feeling as if I’m working with the best crew in the area! We sat for brain storming and outlined the right direction and from there the execution was very professional, step by step, comment after comment they made sure everything is happening according to my expectations, in the end I got an amazing HD photorealistic render video that shows my product features. They even passed my expectations and made it look even better than I thought it could look, thank you VCM! I will come back again soon. Highly recommended!

    Reey Yadin

  • Paul, It has been great working with you and I hope we can work together again in the future. I also want to say that I appreciate your professionalism of both you and your crew to accommodate our video shoot on such short notice and made sure that our footage made it to FedEx before end of day. I am very pleased with all aspects of your service and will be sure to utilize your services again if we need to shoot or recommend a professional video crew in Ontario, Canada, to call VCM Interactive.

    Trish Coyne

    Production Manager - Bayou City Productions
  • VCM Interactive recently produced a corporate branding video for my company and we could not have been happier with the way it turned out. I had a very specific look and theme in mind for this video and not only was VCM able to bring it to life, but also add original ideas which enhanced the project even further. Throughout the project I requested multiple edits and slight changes to our video and VCM was extremely efficient in both making this happen and also in understanding exactly what I wanted. Lastly, this project was requested on a very tight timeline and VCM never wavered on delivery date. I rolled the video out as planned at our annual conference and received nothing but great feedback. Many comments were made about the professionalism of the video and how it clearly displayed our commitment to customers. A win all around, I plan on using VCM Interactive for future projects.

    Curt Sarazin

    Associate Product Manager - Spine - Stryker Canada
  • VCM did an incredible job on The Olive Branch for Children’s promotional video. The video was professional and successfully expressed the heart of The Olive Branch for Children. The filming was professional, but comfortable. The final product is beautiful and a true testament to the amazing work being done by VCM.

    Deborah McCracken

    Founder - The Olive Branch for Children
  • VCM Interactive is a highly professional organization and a team committed to excellence. Their designers were quick to grasp the logo attributes I was hoping to achieve for my brand & I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank You VCM, I look forward to working with you again.

    Ann Marie MacDougall

    Founder - Leader Boom Inc.
  • Right from the start, VCM impressed me with their creative and original approach to the interactive project we had proposed, an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated a revitalized excitement for the project. By partnering with VCM, we have been able to produce a final product that is beyond our expectations, which has generated increased participation and customer satisfaction.As the partnership evolves, VCM continues to provide suggestions and creative solutions to the project even though, for all intensive purposes, it was completed to our satisfaction. VCM’s approach to the project as a continually evolving piece rather than a static one, shows me that there is a true working partnership here, rather than just a client/customer relationship. VCM has taken my project to a new level, and in turn, has produced outstanding results.

    Brandi Kinghorn

    Program and Promotions Manager - Compass Group Canada
  • Working with Paul at VCM over the past several years has been a pleasure. He is always professional, reliable and dedicated to providing quality work and great customer service. I can always count on his support to meet our needs and deadlines, when required.

    R. Mantsios

    Hallmark Canada
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for a job well done on the bilingual production of National Silicates Ltd., “Safe Handling of Silicates” video.Since the production, we had the opportunity to show the video to several of our customers for training purposes as well as to our own employees. I do not think I have to tell you that the video offers a new dimension to our training package. It has been well received with customers and throughout the company.Again, thank you for your assistance and professionalism on making this project successful.

    Jennie Houle

    P. Eng. Manager,Environmental, Health & Safety - National Silicates Ltd
  • This is a note of thanks for the excellent work done by VCM Interactive on the production of the S.A.M. vers 2.3 training video. Your team worked long hours shooting several Moore people with no previous exposure to training films. Many last minute edits were requested and accommodated without problems. The patience and professionalism of the VCM team made the production easy and enjoyable.Although the editing crew was under some very demanding time requirements, the final product was outstanding, as usual. Thanks to your help in reproducing the tapes, the training began on schedule.Finally, a word about cost. This film was much longer than anyone expected. In spite of this, the total cost of production was very reasonable. Thanks to VCM, training went ahead on time and under budget.Please feel free to use Moore as a reference to your existing or prospective clients.

    Tom Doerner

    Director, Sales Process Reengineering - MOORE Business Forms & Systems
  • It brings me great pleasure to write this letter for VCM Interactive. As you know, we have been doing business with VCM for some time. Although each of our jobs are so completely different, having very specific and detailed instructions, VCM always delivers to specification, and each time I am impressed with the results.Also, having dealt with many of the staff members at VCM, I can say that as a whole, VCM is a very professional organization, and a pleasure to do business with.I look forward to working with you and VCM well into the future.Mr. Nandrajog, thank you and your staff for a job well done.

    Susanne Morra

    Production Coordinator - PolyGram
  • Since doing business with your company for approximately 2-years, the quality of the product and service you provide has been excellent. We look forward to continued success in the future.

    Ed DeJongSenior Contract Services Buyer

    Eastern Canada Region - Dow Chemical Canada Inc
  • On behalf of the volunteers and staff of the Canadian Cancer Society, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for facilitating VCM production of the Relay for Life promotional video. Your video production support generated a savings of $10, 000 for our organization.As you know, we depend on the community at large and business to allow us to continue our efforts. As a national, community-based organization, we help people living with cancer and provide information about prevention. In partnership with the National Cancer Institute of Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society achieves its mission through research, education, patient services and advocacy for healthy public policy.Again, please accept our thanks for your support.

    Frank Viti

    Fundraising Manager - Canadian Cancer Society
  • Our selection of VCM to produce our Company video was based on their submitted proposal which displayed the best understanding of our Company successes and accompanied by their comprehensive project outline.They followed up with extensive, detailed research and interviews that revealed the success stories, which are the basis of Progressive Moulded Products growth and development.The incorporation of this research onto the video along with expert filming, voice over and editing resulted in a very successful Company video.We would like to thank VCM on their support on this project and recommend them for further projects.

    Dan Thiffault

    VP Finance Progressive - Moulded Products Ltd
  • We are writing to express our total satisfaction with the presentation and effects displayed on our recently completed corporate video.It was a pleasure to work with David Miller on this project and we were impressed with the organization and execution of the filming, rough editing, visual effects and final editing work done on our video.Thank you again.

    D.L. Sablinskas

    President - Fabricated Plastics Ltd
  • We used VCM Interactive for a monthly program that required high quality replication of multiple versions of a consumer information product. VCM produced high-quality discs for us, on time, and with an extremely competitive price. Further, they were able to work seamlessly with our third party content provider to ensure the material was delivered to our very high standards.CARQUEST would absolutely consider VCM for any of our future needs, with respect to DVD replication and packaging.

    Chris Allinotte

    Marketing Coordinator - Carquest Canada Ltd
  • It was truly an exciting two days for us and we enjoyed every minute. The VCM crew was organized, very detailed, professional and appreciative of our participation. They came with a plan, followed their schedule, were fun to work with and produced five fantastic videos. Even though they had time constraints, they accommodated suggestions. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Brenda & Doug Dawson

    Avid Boaters & residents of Meaford, ON
  • To whom it may concern,Please receive this letter as clear endorsement for the professional skill and acumen of the producers and staff of VCM Interactive.Through the summer months of 2010 our C.A.O. Frank Miele and I shared the privilege of working directly with Doug Hodgson and Paul Nandrajog of VCM in the development, production and delivery of a package of four short videos designed to highlight the strengths of our municipality. These vignettes were intended to celebrate the excellent quality of life that we enjoy in Meaford and the four strategic pillars of our new five-year Economic Development Strategy. To date we have received a myriad of praise for these productions from several significant external sources and from throughout our local community for the superior messaging that form the centerpiece of these unique productions.From the first presentation meeting and throughout the production process to the final delivery Doug and Paul exhibited true professionalism and dedication to our project. They were extremely collaborative, budget conscious and time sensitive to our short window of opportunity. As an added challenge the location shooting called for a direct involvement with many of our local citizens each of whom had nothing but praise for their courtesy and professionalism.Finally I want to thank VCM and its entire staff for their commitment to meet our goals for the project. In the final analysis the vignettes not only met each of our creative targets they were also delivered on time and on budget. In that regard I cannot conceive of a higher standard for any creative team.

    Should you require any additional information concerning this project please contact me at the address above. For your viewing pleasure the four vignettes are available at the video gallery on our municipal website at: municipalityofmeaford.ca.

    Thank-you for your interest.

    Paul Osborn

    General Manager - Meaford Hall
  • VCM was a lifesaver for our video project. As the lead in creative services at our company I had to direct and edit a big video project to complete in a short amount of time. VCM provided us with solid support through their courteous, professional and timely services. They helped us with great footage that was shot by their team, custom animations, photography, music, sound design, post audio and DVD duplication, printing and production. In the end we have a great final product that has been very well received by our intended audience (internal and external). Paul Nandrajog and his experienced team were very helpful and accommodating along the way as we naturally had a few hiccups on our end of production. You need a strong team to bring your vision to fruition, I was very pleased to bring VCM into the fold. As I prepare for my next project I know we will be calling again. Thanks Paul!

    Ali Jafri

    Product Marketing - A2A Capital Management
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