Testimonial Video Production Company in Toronto

Testimonial Video Production Company in Toronto

Taking Advantage of Peer-to-Peer Marketing – Real people telling their stories about your businesses services and products.

Don’t lecture your prospects about how great your products or services are. Let your customers show them how your brand is the best decision they can make.

The opinions of others significantly impact our decisions; that’s why product videos or product reviews videos are important in today’s digital world. People don’t want to hear from brands when making a buying decision. They want to hear from other people just like them who have experience with products or services that they want. We trust what other people say more than we believe advertising.

Customer testimonials are one of the most effective ways to sell products or services. These videos let your happy customers do the selling for you. You enable your customers to tell your audience about their experiences with your products or services.

The Power of Testimonial Videos

Client testimonial video production allows your customers to speak for your brand. Your customers can share experiences of using your products or services and advocate for your brand. Statistics show that this content gets rated as being amongst the top three most effective ways to reach potential customers.

We’ll create customer testimonial videos that:

  • Demonstrate positive experiences.
  • Show your brand as being authentic and trustworthy
  • Convey a favourable image of your brand
  • Appeal to customer emotions
  • Provide prospects with peace of mind
  • Remove prejudice and bias
  • Improve conversion rates.

We focus on providing company videos that get results.

What Is a Testimonial Video?

A testimonial video is a production in which a customer shares their experience about using your product or service. These videos typically:

  • Provide the audience with background information on the challenges the clients faced that drove them to search for a solution. They tell the story of how the client came to choose your service or product.
  • Include interview footage as well as B-roll of the customer, giving the testimonial. We tell the story behind the customer’s decision to choose your product or service. Our approach helps to establish an emotional connection with the audience by drawing the audience into the world of the customer, giving the testimonial.
  • Information in a relaxed, conversational way. The production allows customers to explain why they were happy with the choice they made and express their feelings of satisfaction in their own words. We show the audience how the customer benefited from the decision they made and how they can help too.

We apply best practices for testimonials

We are provide professional and experienced Toronto videographer services. We use best practices for the production of customer testimonial videos to ensure the best results. Some of the general principles applied in the planning of the productions include:

  • Building rapport

We strive to build a rapport with the interviewees before the filming. We do this through various modes of communication, including conference calls and Skype video calls in advance of the shoot.

  • Seeking effective answers

We develop questions regarding the products and clients based on research. These questions help to draw resolutions that will be most effective in bringing audiences and lead to conversions.

  • Preparing interviewees

We believe that preparing the interviewees is vital for the success of the production. We provide clients with interview questions well in advance to the shoot. It gives them adequate time to think about their responses, but not too much time because we want answers as natural as possible rather than scripted. It ensures the shoot is efficient and effective.

  • Keep it short

We do our best to keep answers short. We remind clients to keep their responses under 10 to 30 seconds. It ensures viewers watch the testimonial to the end.

There is no such thing as the perfect response. We don’t seek perfection in our shoots. We aim to be conversational with our clients. Straightforward, natural, and sincere answers are the most effective responses.

Our Process

Our Client testimonial video production is tried and true. We’ll take you from pre-production to post-production with ease and success. Our process includes:

  • Identifying customers that are willing to participate in a product reviews video. We contact customers and get the rapport going. We learn about their experiences and whether they are eager to give a testimonial.
  • Identifying and securing a filming location. We seek filming locations that are not only effective for capturing the context of the application of products or services to daily life but also comfortable for interviewees. We ensure that the location will also be valid for the B-Roll footage.
  • Develop interview questions. We research your products and your customers. We work with you to identify problems that we believe will draw responses that address issues that prospects are eager to learn. We seek answers that will be most effective in convincing prospective clients to choose your products or services.
  • Filming. We conduct the interview and obtain footage for the B-roll with precision and quality.
  • Edit and finalizing. Our expert video production Toronto team will edit the video for the best effect. You are sent video edits as the video is developed so you are involved during the editing process. We complete the production after your approval.

Take advantage of testimonials with the help of a professional and experienced corporate video production team. We’ll help you differentiate your brand. Get in touch with us today.

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