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Video Post Production Services

Video Editing – Toronto & GTA

If pre-production is all about being smart, post is all about having fun with cool tools. VCM is staffed with top-flight creative post-production pros ranging from video editors, sound designers and animators to broadcast designers and producers. Our state-of-the-art HD post-production equipment includes 2 Final Cut Pro HD editing suites and 2D/3D graphic/animation stations programmed with the latest software goodies. Whether you need on-line or off-line video editing, sound design, motion titles, broadcast design, 2D/3D animation, colour correction, voice-over or special effects, VCM has the tools to handle it all with awesome results. We can handle any format from Standard Def to High Def and deliver your project on time and on budget. Looking for 3D and 4K workflows? Give us a call.

Coming out of post we can provide custom graphics plus options to version your project for USB drives, interactive CD content, web streaming, Blu-ray, DVD etc. Never underestimate the first impression your project makes even before it runs.

SD/HD Encoding
VCM uses the industry standard Sonic Scenarist® for proven performance and reliability to DVD and Blu-ray. It is THE professional authoring solution for the next generation of optical media. Offering maximum playback compatibility and complete cell-level control for both standard content and advanced interactivity, Scenarist delivers unrivaled power and world-class results in stunning high definition.
Adobe Encore and Apple DVD Studio Pro are also used. Once your DVD or Blu-ray MASTER is ready; VCM can replicate any quantity you desire with full printing and packaging services. Check out our DVD Duplication/Replication and Blu-ray Duplication/Replication services here.
VCM can also take care of an array of video format conversations.


– Blu-ray
– 3D Blu-ray
– Quick Time ie. Pro Res, Pro Res HQ etc.
– Flash video
– Youtube
– Vimeo
– HD digital file formats ie. QuickTime MOV,
– Betacam SP
– Digi Beta
– 3/4″ SP
– Hi-8
– Video 8
– 1 inch
– Mini-DV
– VHS to DVD
– Audio Cassette to CD
– DVC-Pro
– Digital Betacam
– CD

VCM Sizzler Reel 2012
VCM Interactive Sizzler Reel 2012

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