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Multimedia / e-Learning / Interactive Web Application

VCM iPadAre you looking to produce an interactive web experience? Or a powerful tablet based sales presentation? VCM Interactive can integrate your existing marketing tools into a customer-friendly interactive platform. Or ask us to create a brand new mind-blowing multimedia presentation. Digital POS offers clients the ability for quick-change messages and better customer engagement at a lower cost than traditional printed displays. VCM is a cost-effective solution to develop dazzling e-learning / e-marketing applications that people love.

Web / e-learning / e-marketing Application Examples

Revamp your marketing tools and strategies with VCM Interactive. We have the multimedia production expertise to cater solutions that can impact your sales and profitability.

Stunning Interactive multimedia presentations that include video, 2D/3D animation, text in motion, video and sound effects is a very effective tool to captivate your audience. Interactive Presentations can be made so that you can add and change content yourself. Further, we can design templates and provide consulting to improve your existing designs or customize a presentation to a specific need. Once your interactive presentation is completed, VCM can encode your presentation onto a CD or DVD depending on data size. USB drives are a more convenient, lightweight option in comparison to optical discs. Once Mastered, VCM has the duplication/replication services to duplicate your interactive presentation CD, DVD, or USB drive at any quantity you desire. Visit VCM Replication for our media replication and packaging services.

Creative Services

– specializing in multimedia marketing tools
– web applications
– training applications
– FLASH learning modules
– e-learning
– e-marketing
– sales tools
– touch screen apps and content creation
– mobile app development
– marketing application materials
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