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Business CD production

Today’s highly competitive business environment demands new and effective marketing strategies. We create, seek and embrace new media to provide you with the most up-to-date digital marketing solutions to promote your company. With CD Business Cards, we provide creative CD replication and custom shaped CDs/DVDs to make your company unique.

Advances in technology have now made innovative CD/DVD/Blu-ray replication an affordable reality. We offer uniquely shaped CD ROMs as well as the standard rectangular and oblong CD business cards capable of holding 35 to 180MB of data. Business Card CDs are the same size as standard business cards, but have rounded corners. This media has the ability to store a host of multimedia content, including dynamic Flash, Director and power point presentations. A vast deal of information including digital video, create an impact from the moment they are placed into the CD drive.

CD-ROMs are pre-recorded discs (produced through a manufacturing process) and can store up to 700 MB of data. VCM offers quick turnaround times, competitive prices and diverse options for optical media replication.

VCM’s CD-ROM Duplication/Replication Services Include
– 2-3 Day Rush or 5 Day Standard turnaround for bulk CD-ROM Replication (without packaging)
– Pre-press services like artwork proofs and films
– 1 – 5 Color Silk-screen or Offset printing on the surface of molded CDs.
– Custom packaging of the CDs into Jewel cases, Digipacks, cardboard mailers or sleeves with shrinkwrap or overwrap

Quality Assurance
VCM has a 3-step Quality Assurance procedure in place to ensure that the final CD-ROM product is a bit by bit replica of the original master CD supplied by the client.

VCM will archive glass stampers, artwork files and films for all it’s client for up to 2 years, so that re-orders can be executed seamlessly. With many years of CD-ROM, Audio CD and VCD replication experience VCM understands your needs and requirements for on time delivery, quality, and the most competitive prices.

Mini CD
VCM offers Mini CD or DVD, which is great if you need something that sets you apart from your competitors. They look and play like a standard disc, but they are only 3 inches in diameter and holds up to 180 MB (CD) & 1.4 GB (DVD). Small enough to slip into your pocket or an envelope, they’re a perfect choice for a product demo or promotional music tracks from an upcoming CD release. Mini discs are used to grab attention at trade shows, in direct mail campaigns, as brochure inserts, and sales call “leave behind” items. VCM also supplies custom shaped discs. You can find out more here.

Mini CD & DVD Replication Services include
– Various packaging options, including the popular mini plastic sleeve or C-Shell
– Pre-press services like artwork proofs and films
– 1 – 5 Color printing on the surface.

Custom Shaped Discs
Designer Cut CDs are excellent to promote your business to potential customers. They can fit into a standard envelope and weigh only half an ounce. With a maximum of 21 minutes and 50 seconds of music or 200 MB data storage, these Shaped CDs can handle many programs, music singles, or enough information about your business. We can cut CD’s into any shape you want, thus making them marketable media as well as collectible artifacts. They will never be thrown away as junk mail.
Once your Shaped Discs have been made, the cost of producing the data, printing the artwork and replicating the process will be no different than you would expect for a normal CD.

Silkscreen/Digital Print Blank Media
VCM is set up to give you a high-quality silk screening on CD-R, DVD-R and Blu-ray media at affordable prices. For fast turnaround times we can supply digital printing solutions. VCM can provide you with the perfect solution for branded and personalized recordable media.

Offering a resolution of 135 lines per screen, silk-screening blank discs is a great option for the Photo Industry, graphic design houses and other corporates to circulate discs with their company name and logo, either internally or to their clients. Using the highest quality CD-R, DVD-R, Blu-ray media, we can print your logo or message in up to 5 colours. Our printing methods give you the highest quality in the industry. Combine the screen-printing with our duplication, and thermal printing and you get on-demand duplication services.

VCM offers many packaging and fulfillment solutions for all your needs. Find out more here.

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