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Language Versioning

Subtitling Services, Transcribing, Voiceover & Professional Talent

Give your videos a global appeal with language versioning services from VCM Interactive. Without much thought, it’s safe to say that the biggest businesses and brands in the world have an intentionally global presence. These companies have a knack for producing effective multi-lingual multimedia—something you’ll need to consider if you’re looking for your business to evolve in the same fashion. Now with the development of the Internet, content is just a click away, so language versioning your video for a global market or a specific region is the perfect solution.

At VCM, we like to think of our service as an all-encompassing communication tool. We offer comprehensive language versioning, transcribing and subtitling services for all your video needs. Voiceover services and professional talent options are also available. Our voiceover services enable you to convert your video into virtually any language including French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese to name a few. We provide language versioning and subtitle services in Mississauga, Toronto, surrounding areas and Nationwide.

There are many benefits to having a transferable message for businesses and marketers. It’s a great investment because it enables you to repackage your video for a variety of different audiences. Tell your story once and have the whole world hear it! In result, language versioning is a cost effective and efficient solution because it allows you to get the most out of your video product while developing a targeted solution for the niche markets you serve.

When it comes to truly expanding your business, let VCM provide you with the most relevant resources. Prepare for your communication strategy to be as diverse as possible because you never know what market could really use your product or service. VCM will make sure you communicate with these audiences as effectively as possible by sourcing the right voice talent required to translate your video into a variety of different languages.

Sensors & Software: Conquest 100 Spanish ver
Sensors & Software: Conquest 100 Spanish ver

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