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DVD Mastering Service

Do you have a video that you need mastered for mass replication? You may think that it’s as simple as changing formats and hitting a button to burn a DVD, but if you actually try to do this, you’ll find out the hard way how complicated the process can get.

Our DVD mastering service will take all of the hassle out of replicating your media in an accessible and easily distributed format. We provide glass-mastering services for replication as well as design stunning menus. If you have to make a single copy of a video you have on file onto a DVD, it’s not that difficult. However, you’ll have to ensure that you have the audio and visual components synched perfectly.

You’ll also have to make sure that it’s going to look and sound the same on a DVD as it does in its original format. Are you going from an old VHS format to DVD? Are you transferring your online video to DVD to package with your products when you send them to your clients? VCM is here for you to make this process a lot easier through our DVD mastering service.

Trying to complete this process in-house can be difficult for a number of reasons. For one thing, if you’re just converting to a DVD format for a single use, it may seem simple enough. However, there are certain compatibility issues that you may not have considered. How embarrassing would it be to get to an industry conference and find that your video doesn’t work? VCM makes sure that the mastering is technically sound and that the discs will be compatible for your distribution needs.

Now, imagine that this happens with a series of DVDs that you’ve sent to your customers. That’s the kind of embarrassment that you can’t afford when you’re launching new products and building brand recognition. Don’t waste your time and resources doing an inferior and amateur job of mastering your media. Instead, contact us today and talk with a DVD mastering service expert about taking your media to the next level.

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