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Business Card Design & Print Services

Need a custom business card design?  VCM has dedicated designers to bring your vision and brand to life, whether it’s a logo design, 2D/3D graphic design or a unique business card to set your brand apart and leave a memorable impression.


1. Design Concepts: We start out with creative development by developing 3 design concepts based on a creative brief, branding and/or marketing objective.

2. Development: Once the design concepts are presented, 1-concept is chosen and developed in collaboration with the client.

3. Approvals/Revision Stage: 2-approval/revision stages are given to develop the logo. At VCM we understand that a few conversations and meetings need to happen before a design concept is locked into place, so that’s why we are always ready to take that next step to get it right.

4. Final output: This is the stage where the design is finalized and final artwork is exported via digital files depending on the print technical specifications. Digital proofs are sent to the client for final review before it goes to print.

5. Print: VCM offers printing services to complete the final stage to bringing your design to reality.  We can print on the material needed whether it’s a business card, letterhead, poster etc.

Business Card Design Examples:

LB Card003

LeaderBoom Business Card Design


Critical Focus Productions Business Card design concept


Critical Focus Productions Business Card design concept


Automatic Toys Business Card Design

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