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Audio Post Production

If you’ve spent any time around filmmakers or video production professionals, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “We’ll do that in post,” thrown around a good bit. What your friends in the video production industry are talking about is post-production. When you think of film and video production, you probably think of the actual production phase of the process – the part when the cameras are rolling. The thing is, most of the work in great video production is done after the cameras stop rolling.

Audio Post ProductionPost-production is where the magic happens. If you’re in need of video production and/or audio post-production in the Greater Toronto Area, VCM is here for you, to make that magic happen. Let us bring your video to life with the best audio post-production in Toronto. We offer our skills in editing, Foley, sound design, sound effects, ADR, and final mixing, as well as voiceover talent and original music services to make your video project sparkle and shine.

Have you ever watched a video with poor sound quality? Whether you’re trying to strain to hear what’s being said, the music is overpowering or poorly mastered, or the audio is out of synch, there’s only so long that you can stand to continue watching. These errors and glitches may seem minor on paper, but when they make it to the screen; they’re incredibly grating and make the video look amateur and poorly made. If you want your videos to come off with the polish and class of professional film, you need to talk to the experts in audio post-production in Toronto.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a soundscape is worth a thousand pictures.

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Whether you have raw footage that you need edited into a clean and polished product, or you want to start from scratch, we have the talents, skills, and technology to give you the best audio post-production in Toronto. Contact us now and speak with a post-production expert. We can’t wait to bring your project to life.

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