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How much does video and multimedia cost?

Video is a creative and organic process that can be scalable based on the production elements needed. We work closely with you to assess your business needs, goals and objectives so we can help determine where your time, money and energy should be spent in order to meet your budget expectations.

When shopping around for a price on video production services, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are multiple production and post production elements that affect a budget. The best and direct approach for pricing is to give us a call so we can do a thorough Discovery by talking through your needs, the details of the project and provide a quote. If you aren’t ready for a quote yet, here are some pointers that may help you out with your research:

1. Key Pricing Variables:

• Concept & Script
• Duration of Video
• Usage ie. Internal or external use, broadcast or online
• Live Action or Animation or Motion Graphics
• Location – local or out of town

2. Apples-to-Oranges:

Taking quotes from two different suppliers and comparing them apple-to-apple is difficult because there are so many variables with production and each production company has their own vision and approach to a project.

3. Penny wise, pound foolish

Understanding the video process thoroughly is crucial before cutting corners to create a feasible budget. Keeping your vision and needs in mind we have the ability to scale your video production up or down depending on your budget parameters. Remember, it’s not what you spend, but how you spend it.

4. Typical Budget Ranges & Cost Considerations

On average, a full video production from concept to creation can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000+. Do you need a simple conference video or a complex cinematic video? After all a regular professional crew isn’t going to give you dynamic crane shots or aerial shots. If you want spectacular, you begin to move into specialized skills, usually found on film or commercial shoots. Here are some cost considerations:

• High-end cinematic shoot vs. basic Industrial camera shoot
• 1-camera shoot or multiple camera shoot
• 2D/3D animation vs no animation
• High-end graphics vs straight forward simple graphics
• Original music or stock music
• Straight cut edits vs complex, dynamic edits with all of the bells and whistles
• Professional Actors
• Professional Voice talent vs In-house talent

5. Volume – Grouping is a way to save

By increasing the amount of production a reduction in cost is achieved. If you have a few videos to shoot within a year then it is better to bulk them together to make full use of resources. For example, if you want to produce a video every month or every other month to feature on the web, it is best to bulk all of the video shooting at one time and then spread the editing, voiceover, graphics over a longer period of time as per the need.

6. Technical vs Full Service – What do you need?

Do you need someone to execute your creative or do you need a strategy, creative development, and execution? VCM can help with both.

7. Our Approach/Process

• Discovery Meeting – Business objective and target audience
• Message & Scripting
• Conceptualization / Style-frames
• Location Scouting & Casting
• Pre-Production / Planning
• Production
• Post Production including Video Editing
- Animation / Motion Graphics
- Visual Effects
- Sound Design & Special Effects

• Music & Jingles
• Show Packaging