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The Date – Trailer

Trailer for the short film “The Date” starring Katie Boland and Noah Reid. Steph (Katie Boland) and Mike (Noah Reid) meet at a burger joint in downtown Toronto. Their initial encounter ends well, when Mike “gets the number”. As time goes by the relationship blossoms and they make a tradition of always coming back to the same place they met every year for their anniversary. Year by year, at the same burger joint, we see them evolve, from doting on each other, to supporting, to tolerating and eventually to bickering and fighting. Will the maturity that time brings to every couple be enough to save their relationship? Or will they both end up heartbroken like so many other twenty something’s trying to get a handle on the delicate balance between love and life?

Directed by Mazi Khalighi and Executive produced by Paul Nandrajog. The short film was sold to the CBC network.

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