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Love Songs from an Android

VCM Interactive Exec. Producer, Paul Nandrajog produced this short film about a melancholic tale of a robot suffering from the heartache and misery of unrequited love.
Where do you go when your woman loves another man… and you are a robot?
Blending live action and photo-real CGI animation.
The short film was featured at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival and Premiered at the Hawaii International Film Festival.
Writer/Director: Sol Friedman
Composers: Hiroya Miura, Keir Brownstone
DOP: Henry Sansom
Editor: Sol Friedman
Actors: Lauren Bullivant, Joe Kingsbury
Musician: Keir Brownstone
Producers: Sol Friedman, Maggie Szpakowska, Paul Nandrajog
Funders: bravoFACT, NFB

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