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                    Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Setting the Table!

Business Excellence is proud to introduce the redesigned Setting the Table Marketing Tool kit.  Thanks to your feedback,  we have added new features  to help increase your sales and profits!   Take some time to review the site and new features such as:

  1. More user friendly, easier to navigate, fewer clicks to access information
  2. Editable POS (Point of Sale) now in PowerPoint like your calendar,  allowing for easier conversion to JPEG to upload to websites
  3. New eye catching calendar design
  4. New promotional tabs:
    1. Programs Tab -includes monthly promotions for new programs: “ReCharge”, Under 3 and Value Meals.   If you haven’t launched these new programs  , contact your Marketing Manager first! 
    2. Beverage Tab includes promotions for all hot and cold beverages

If you have any questions or want to provide some feedback, contact:[email protected] or your Marketing Manager