Project Case Study


Project Info

Client: Methapharm
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Type: Instructional / Educational

  • 3D Animation Photorealistic
  • Motion graphics
  • Motion text
  • Editing
  • Voiceover Recording & Editing
  • Graphic Package
  • Royalty free music
  • Delivery format: YouTube

Project Details


Methapharm is a specialty pharmaceutical company with a focus on the acquisition, licensing and promotion of healthcare products in North America. They have a specialized product called Provocholine that aids in the diagnosis of Asthma. Their step-by-step dilution aid instructional videos for for physicians and pharmacists were outdated and needed to be modernized. These instructional aids were simply slides of text with live action footage of a health care professional working with many different syringes and vials. Methapharm approached Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. (VCM) for a solution to improve the content in hopes to make a complicated process easier to follow.


VCM presented two solutions to Methapharm to produce 3 Provocholine dilution aid instructional videos. We wanted to modernize the content with an animated approach. The first solution we presented was to use 2D motion graphics using their existing vector graphics that they had created in PDF format. The second solution was to use a 3D animation approach, which would take their dilution aids to the next level. We proposed modeling elements like their product, vials, syringes, filters etc. in photorealistic 3D. Photorealistic 3D animation allows for a modern, real life look and would elevate the Methpharm brand with high quality video content for their dilution aids. With our recommendation to go with the 3D approach, Methapharm decided that the investment to produce high quality content was in their best interest. With only visual references, VCM modeled the Provocholine product, vials, filters, and syringes in photorealistic 3D. We brought in Methapharm’s Product manager into our professional recording studio in Toronto to do the voice overs. We enhanced their clinical, step-by-step PDF instructional material adding further detail and clarity with the help of motion graphics and text. We collaborated with Methapharm to simplify and visualize their dilution aid process to make it easier to follow than ever before.


  • Methapharm was thoroughly impressed with the process and the end result of the animations.  VCM’s diligent approach from pre to post production was appreciated by Methapharm’s Product manager
  • VCM’s attention to detail throughout the development of the videos resulted in precise, high quality content
  • The animations clearly communicated the Provocholine step-by-step process in a clean, clear, realistic and modern approach
  • Methapharm loved the final look and are confident they will use these video assets for years to come

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