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It is becoming more and more popular for businesses to incorporate multimedia elements into their websites, whether it’s images, videos, animations or audioCorporate Videos recordings. But why?

The answer is simple: people just don’t read text these days. Would you rather visit a website filled with 10 paragraphs of text or a website with one or two paragraphs accompanied by a short video? If you’re like most internet users, you would probably choose the site with the video.

Here’s why you should include a corporate video on your website:

Engage a Larger Audience

Internet users will generally spend more time on a website that incorporates multimedia than one that doesn’t. Videos and animations are much more visually exciting and captivating.

Easy to Share

One of the advantages of including corporate videos on your website is that they can be shared very easily. Most social video platforms, like YouTube and Vimeo, have a built in “share” button which enables viewers to share videos with their social networks. Sharing a corporate video is essentially the online equivalent of word of mouth marketing—it’s critical for your company’s success.

Communicate Easily

When it comes to communicating a message online, visuals can make a huge difference. If you’re trying to explain a complicated manufacturing process, for example, incorporating a video of the actual process might be more effective than attempting to explain it using only words. The last thing you want is to confuse your online visitors and have them leave your site.

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