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To say that video is the future of digital marketing is in fact an understatement. According to Google, over 77% of all internet traffic will be motion content by 2017. eMarketer says that 90% of viewers share what they have just watched, which makes this an invaluable marketing tool. A 2014 Aberdeen Study showed that companies using this tool enjoy 41% more traffic than non-users.

If you have a business, you need to leverage professional services to create impressive content. However, there is a catch; if this project is poorly done, even the most fantastic production will fall face first. This is where pro video editing services Toronto come in handy. There are many companies, but before selecting one consider the following factors:

  1. Resources

A good service must have the capacity to handle your production. This means they must have a studio fitted with the latest multimedia processing technologies. They must have invested in professional video editing solutions, such as NexEditor SDK and Adobe premiere hotkeys to quicken editing among others.

  1. Expertise

You must ask for the qualification of the editors in the company before entrusting your video to them. Ask about the technicians who will handle sound and picture among other aspects of your project. They must be highly trained and experienced if at all you are to expect a quality product.

  1. Communication

The project will take time and you need regular updates. You will also be required to work closely with the team, which calls for effective communication channels. There must be an open channel to update you with the progress of the project.

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