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Operating a business out of a big city like Toronto can be a challenge, so owners should take advantage of corporate video production. While the city boasts over 2 million residents and millions more visitors, you have to be prCommercial Video Production Torontooactive in marketing your brand in order to get a piece of the cake.

Traditionally, the city has always played a big role in the national economy and the situation still stands. With over 86% internet penetration in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), digital tools should be on the top of your marketing strategy.

Why Corporate Video Production Toronto?

The latest internet marketing data shows that business video is the ultimate branding technique. A recent KCPB Study says that video content will account for 74% of internet traffic by end of 2017, which highlights the reason you need to invest in a commercial video production for your company. Better still, 55% of people watch visual content online daily.

A similar study by Think With Google shows 50% of consumers first look for visual promotions before visiting a store. In addition, 4 out of 5 shoppers believe a demo helps them make a better decision.

Making the Best Commercial Video Production

The key takeaway from all these statistics is the fact that your company in Toronto needs to invest in only professional services whether it is for advertising, information, and product launch or reputation management. Hiring a professional corporate video production company or a professional videographer is a smart investment.

There are so many productions that are launched online every day, but very few meet their goals. If you want to ace it with this marketing technique, below are some key points that will guide you:

  1. Clearly Defined Your Audience 

However impressive your film or documentary turns out to be, it will still not be worthwhile if you are not passing the message to the intended viewers. You must have come across beautiful films online that are heavily shared, yet no one really knows who they are meant for. A good commercial advert must talk to the intended people. This means you have to start by defining your audience in order to create material that is tailored to meet their needs.

  1. Great Story with an Emotional Touch

Think of the adverts that have really captivated you. They are mostly created out of a simple story that develops into a message that resonates with target viewers before finally being tied to the brand. In fact, viewers get to know about the brand through nuances in the storyline but ultimately, they connect with the viewers. This is a must-have feature of a great advert.

  1. Well Developed Script

The concept behind an awesome business film is simple; it all starts with a plan and in production, this means a great script. It might only be 1 minute long or even shorter, but the way the story, audio and visual elements are all arranged determines how the final product will turn out. The script should be clear, concise, compelling and in a tone that speaks to your target audience.

There are other characteristics of a good commercial video production Toronto including the ability to show instead of telling, focusing on the intended customer and not yourself, proper editing and an emotional touch.

Reach VCM interactive to get guidance on how video can work for your business. Our expert producers and videographers will help you get the most out of your investment. Contact us today to get started.