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In the contemporary business platforms, the hitherto popular storage mediums have been consigned to oblivion. This is being referred to as the digital age and any business in Toronto that is not incorporating digitization in all aspects of operations faces dire times.

To ensure your images and videos are secure, you need to invest in digital storage tools including the now ubiquitous USB drive. However, the tricky part comes in choosing the best storage tool between flash memory and the now increasingly popular Secure Digital card or SD Card.

The first step is, of course, getting a delineation of each as follows:

• USB Drive: This is a removable storage option with flash memory capability and comes with a USB connector. It has a large range of storage capacity, in most cases starting from 128 MBs up to 256GB depending on the manufacturer. Most of those in the market are USB 2.0, though there are also 3.0 which offer faster data transfer.
• Secure Digital card: These are used in portable devices including cameras, smartphones, tablets and many other gadgets. They use non-volatile memory, but their storage capacity is lower with most common SD cards in the market coming with 32 GB storage tops.

The Differences: Some outstanding differences include:

1. Universal compatibility: USB drives offer a flexible storage choice as they are compatible with all operating systems. For an SD card, you have to be keen when shopping lest it fails to fit into the required slot.
2. Storage capacity: Your USB drive is better as it offers larger capacity to store files compared to a Secure Digital card.
3. Ease of use: If you need a storage option that is easier to use, then USB storage is better as opposed to the card which requires a card reader.

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