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Videographer TorontoThe city is buzzing with business growth and visual content creation, so finding a reliable and experienced Videographer Toronto is important.  Video production Toronto should be on every companies marketing strategy. Overall, video seems to be a growing part of marketing and sales budgets alike. In fact, Animoto reports that a staggering 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online. Your company website and social media are the two most popular distribution channels for business video. So it’s time to find yourself an excellent Toronto videographer to work with so you can create good quality video content.

At VCM Interactive we’ve been producing video for over 3-decades helping small to large business with their video production needs. We’ve done it all from traditional corporate video production Toronto, commercials, promotional videos, training videos, event video production etc. Our Producers, Directors, Toronto videographers, Technical directors, Animators, Motiongraphers, and Editors are fluent in telling any visual story regardless of industry and topic. We understand that finding a good Toronto videographer can be a challenge. That’s why we only have the best and most experienced videographers.  It’s necessary for a good videographer Toronto to have a broad skillset to get the job done right! When you’re thinking about creating a corporate video production Toronto there’s many things to keep in mind. These are the things to look for when hiring a videographer:

Videographer Toronto – The skills to look for:


  1. Technical – A good videographer Toronto needs to be technically inclined. They need to how to operate different video cameras to fit the projects needs and budget. For example, you can’t have your videographer filming a big budget corporate brand video with a DSLR. Knowledge of different frame rates, image resolution (Standard definition, High definition – HD1080 vs 4K etc.) bit rates adequate for broadcast vs. digital platforms etc.  Even what optics to use to capture the best quality image for the available budget is something the videographer needs to know.
  1. Direction – A videographer may be technically inclined, but may not be good at giving direction. Not every corporate video production project has the budget for a director so it is crucial to find a videographer Toronto who can direct talent as well as crew in order to get the performance needed. Clear, concise direction and the ability to work with talent is a must!
  1. Creative – composition, framing, lighting all need to come together to tell the story effectively and creatively.
  1. A team player with Good Communication skills – A good videographer needs to be a team player with good communications skills. The ability to communicate effectively is definitely needed in order to convey ideas to the client and on-set while filming.  Without good communication your project can suffer on all levels.

As you can see a good professional videographer needs to have a lot of skills to deliver great video. Make sure the one you hire is technically inclined, creative, can give direction, and is a team player with good communication skills. Contact VCM Interactive today and we will provide you with one of our top notch professional videographers to get your project filmed on time and on budget.