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Videographer Toronto - crewAn experienced, reputable corporate video production company or a videographer Toronto is in high demand these days due to the high consumption of video content.  There is no doubt that video is a very powerful medium to get your message out there through an engaging story that evokes emotion through well produced cinematic visuals. An informative video is just as powerful if you are selling a product or service. Video can work for so many marketing, sales, and communications strategies whether it be for internal or external use.  Cisco notes that video will make up more than 79% of internet traffic by 2018. Video marketing is indeed taking off in big ways in order to combat the short attention span of people these days. Hubspot reports that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. So capture and engage your target audience with spectacular video with meaning.

Now, a great video doesn’t always need a huge budget or a big film crew. Some Toronto video production companies offer budget packages for smaller projects and for businesses who are testing the water with video. Sometimes a videographer Toronto and a simple concept is all that’s needed to cater to the needs of a small project. Over the years we have produced a variety of videos that range from small to large scale productions.  It’s all relevant to the scope of your project and what needs to be done to make it happen i.e. concept, script, art direction, number of shooting days, locations, editing, animation, special effects etc. Whatever the scope we will provide a feasible solution to get your project done.

Most large scale commercials, corporate video productions, promotional videos etc. require more than just a videographer to create an impactful video.  Here’s a list of crew who are usually involved on film and commercial sets as well as large scale corporate video production Toronto shoots.


Videographer Toronto – Crew for larger productions:


  1. Producer – spearheads the entire production from development to post-production.
  2. Director – is the visionary who brings the vision to reality. Calls the shots and directs actors. The captain of the ship.
  3. Assistant Director – makes the day happen. Keeps everything on schedule and directs secondary actors.
  4. Talent/Actors – these are the performers in the video.
  5. Cinematographer/Director of Photography – makes the Director’s vision happen. In charge of camera and lighting department.
  6. Camera Operator – operates the camera.
  7. 1st Camera Assistant – changes lenses and racks focus.
  8. 2nd Camera Assistant – is responsible for slating each shot.
  9. DIT Digital imaging technician is responsible for transferring all footage from digital footage stored on cards to hard drive as well as back-ups of footage.
  10. Gaffer – is the key lighting technician.
  11. Dolly Grip – the grip responsible for operating the camera dolly.
  12. Grip – responsible for rigging anything and everything on set including lights.
  13. Sound Recordist – responsible for recording clear sound on set.
  14. Continuity – responsible for making sure continuity with wardrobe, placement of actors/props etc. are consistent from take to take.
  15. Art Director – is in charge of art directing sets and locations so they can be filmed
  16. Set-Dressers – works with the Art Director. Responsible for dressing the sets and locations.
  17. Hair & Make-up Artists – responsible for beautifying the actors/talent for camera by doing their hair and make-up in the style that’s appropriate for the scene.

As you can see running a production is no joke. Many skilled people are involved other than a videographer Toronto in making a great video happen that tells a good story accompanied with good production value and editing.  It’s all about efficiency on set so many people are involved because filming is all in the small details.  In order to make your day of filming you need a great team of skilled and experienced people to make it happen.

We would love to hear about your upcoming commercial or corporate video production Toronto project. We offer a free consultation so we can provide a solution to make your vision happen. Contact us today!