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So you have decided to dip your toes in the world of corporate video for your business- congrats! More and more businesses are realising the power of video as the internet moves to becoming the main avenue for people to make their purchase decisions. At VCM Interactive we have been studying the landscape for years. When we first opened our doors over 30 years video production was very different. In the last 5 years, the main reason for video production has grown more and more to be about corporate needs.

Video Production Toronto

There are so many different forms of video that serve a variety of purposes that it can be understandable for people outside the industry to be somewhat overwhelmed by it all. At VCM we are incredibly passionate about video and love nothing more than to chat about it so we would be more than happy to talk through the different forms of video, even if you do not decide to use us for your production needs.

One of the types of video we recommend newcomers to the medium use is that of video testimonials. The reason for this is because testimonials are easy to make and incredibly powerful. If I were to sum up in three words why you need to use testimonials, the three words would be: trust, persuasiveness, and reputation. In the advent of the Internet age, a bad Amazon or Trip Advisor review can result in mistrust in a business, persuade people not to become customers and damage reputation. Why not takevideo production toronto the initiative and create positive testimony that can bread trust, persuade people to become customers and enhance reputation? After all, you work so hard to produce a great product, deliver a great service and generally keep your customers happy, why not show the world?

What really sets a video testimony apart from a written review is the emotional connection. The ease with which people can write testimonies, positive or negative, online means that there are often phony reviews out there created by people with agendas, or who are not invested in the product or service at all. It’s incredibly hard to judge the honesty of written reviews. However, when you put someone on camera it immediately changes the dynamic.

In my opinion, video testimony is the most powerful sales tool you can ever use and the beauty is it is relatively cheap and easy to make. Think about what makes your product or service so unique and then consider who are your most loyal or appreciative clients. Approach them to see if they might be interested in taking part in the video. Then you need to decide if you are going to film it yourself, or if you are going to get a professional video production company to make it for you. There is no doubt that having a professional video production company produce your video will reflect your businesses in a far more positive light but obviously there are budget considerations here. What I will say is testimony is definitely one of the easier formats that you can produce yourself.

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