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Why would a non-profit organization opt for video production Toronto? This is a question we’ve been asked many times by non-profits that we’ve approached and some that have approached us for help with spreading the word about their cause.

Video Production Toronto: Why Non Profits need it

Old Argument against Video Production Toronto

The understanding amongst many non-profits is that investing in the services of a video production company Toronto would be a costly investment that should be left to corporates. After all, many non-profits work on a tight budget.

The good news for non-profits is that advances in technology have meant that it is much easier and competitive. This has made it more affordable for non-profits with tight budgets to invest to benefit from the many advantages of professionally produced content.

Reasons to invest in film production

  1. Video is taking over

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to reach your target audience, then you should invest in video content. Films are the most popular type of content on the internet today. People watch more than 6 billion hours’ worth of YouTube videos every month. As if that wasn’t enough, Cisco reports that over 80% of online traffic in 2016 was attributed to video.

It is safe to say that investing in professional video production is the best way to establish an online presence. Your organization is otherwise risking being drowned in the sea of visual information that is flooding the internet.

  1. Bring your story to life

Want people to understand what you’re about? Films can help to put faces and real lives to stories. They are a great way to evoke emotions in your target audience. They are a great way to show how your work is impacting the real world and get your target audience interested in helping out. The return on your investment will be great.

  1. Easy way to communicate your cause

Not many people will take the time to read a page worth of content. In fact, more people today prefer to watch a video rather than read a page with the same content. If you want to ensure that your message gets to your target audience, you can’t go wrong with this type of content. It is an effective and easy way to get a message across in the shortest time.

  1. You’ll get more people talking

Do you want to get your message out to as many people as possible? Films are a great way to increase conversation not only in your community but also in others that you may not have had access to previously.

People are always willing to share compelling films within their networks. This type of content is not only easy to share but also more likely to draw an audience than written or other types of content. It’s easy to reach a wider audience and therefore get the word out about your cause.

The bottom line

Video production will help you reach those whom you haven’t reached yet and brings awareness to your cause. It will also help you reach those whom you wouldn’t have had the opportunity of reaching with written content. If you are a non-profit Organization in Toronto and want to see what videos can do for you, get in touch with us. We have years of experience helping non-profits make the most of audiovisual content.