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At VCM we not only enjoy creating great video but we also enjoy reviewing other video content. We often, at home or in the office, look at the other great content out there because you can never stop learning or being inspired by other great work. This helps keep our creative juices flowing and ideas popping. So sometimes when new clients, or existing clients, come to us wanting a new video for their business we ask them to send us samples of the types of things that they like. This can be a daunting task, because lets face it the internet is absolutely awash with great video content. The reason we ask them to do this is to give us a vague idea of how they envisage their project looking like. In some instances we may tell them that they are way off the mark and that perhaps video isn’t the best medium for them. That is why the next important step is to have a discovery meeting to talk over these things.

Video Production Toronto

One such instance where by we went through this process was with Excel Funds. For Excel Funds they needed a video production Toronto and VCM was happy to help. The group approached VCM wanted to create a promotional video that would better explain what they did. They were unsure what exactly they were looking for so we asked them to send through some examples. These videos helped our creative team greatly and we were assured that this was definitely we could help the Excel Funds Group with and that video was without doubt the best medium for them to exploit.

VCM decided that a promotional video that featured the mostly animation, but also had graphics, photographs and a live action interview would be the best fit for Excel Funds. We wanted to showcase exactly what the group did but in very simple terms. We wanted to do this so that the video was accessible to all and would be able to be utilized by Excel Funds in any promotional capacity that they deemed necessary. Take a look at the video down below to see the final product after about 8 weeks production.

At VCM we have created promotional videos in Toronto for all manner of businesses and products. Video production in Toronto is a very busy market and you no doubt will have all manner of potential production companies to chose from. What differentiates VCM from other companies is our personal touch. We never take on a project where we don’t feel our experience is the best fit. For example recently we were approached by a financial group who wanted us to start creating monthly videos for them. Given their limited budget we did not think we could create a product with high enough production values that would represent their brand their brand well enough and thus wished them all the best. If you would like to discuss your video production Toronto needs please contact us today to have a chat about it.