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You have a new product to launch, or you could be re-launching your brand, website etc. How can you maximize the impact of your launch and get your new product or message across in the most powerful way? In most instances video will prove the most reliable and impressive way to do this. Just look at all the big brands in the world when they want to launch a new product or create a buzz, they invest in video for television or the Internet. Actually the trend in recent years is to use both, so for the same price you get double content. It can be understandably difficult to create a video that will stand out from the crowd and that is why it pays to hire professionals to help with your project as they have a host of experience they can harness, quality equipment they can use and skills honed over many years. At VCM we may have the exact experience, skills, knowledge and equipment you need, or it might be that we feel another company may be better placed to help you. Either way we will offer impartial and neutral advice and guidance. At the end of the day it makes no sense for us to make a rubbish video for a client as we take exceptional pride in our work and it would damage our reputation. We are also always very busy so why waste our valuable time and waste your valuable money making an inferior product?

Toronto Video ProductionJohnny Walker 

In recent years VCM Interactive was asked to produce a corporate video covering the launch campaign of Johnnie Walker’s NEW Double Black in downtown Toronto, ON Canada. The challenge was how to create an exciting video that showed the extensive advertising campaign that bombarded the TTC King Station as well as billboards across the city. We thought highlighting this with the Toronto public moving about their busy lives with this branding in the background would help potential customers picture themselves enjoying the product and also help them identify with it. 

A variety of footage was captured including tracking time-lapse shots. It also added style and to allowed us to exemplify the high traffic areas…Keep Walking! The music we selected added an emoVideo productions Torontotional build up to the videos. A viral spot may be next. VCM also covered the “Out of Home Campaign – transit shelters” promoting Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The campaign was plastered in downtown Toronto’s financial district. We had a lot of fun with the shoot and our client seemed to be very pleased with the corporate videos.

Here at VCM we like to go over and above client expectations and give more bang for the buck in the world of multimedia and corporate Toronto video production. Please contact us to discuss your needs as we are always happy to help local businesses, even if it doesn’t turn into a commission for us.