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toronto videographer - video production torontoThe city of Toronto boasts panoramic scenery that keeps visitors coming and provides beautiful locations for video production. Its strong economy promises good returns, which attracts both small and large businesses. A creative video blending this natural landscape with your brand’s personality can work magic for your local business.

While there are many other communication tools around, video remains the most impressive for many reasons. A Hubspot Study says this type of content increases engagement by 73%. A KPCB Report on the other hand projects that 74% of all internet traffic will be visual. In essence, your business in the city has a lot to gain by investing in professional video production Toronto solutions.

Role of Scripting in Video Production Toronto

While thousands of corporate videos are released online every minute, most of them don’t meet their objectives. You might have the best team behind your project but without a written plan of your idea, everything will come crashing down. This translates to time and money lost.

A good script gets you top-level approval as management can see what the project is about. It also makes the planning process seamless as you can easily identify locations, personnel, props and alternatives when need be. With a good script the video production shoot can then be planned properly from crew to equipment.

With a well-written script, it is possible for the director to steer the production towards meeting set goals and this is done within the budget. For marketing purposes, a script ensures important keywords and phrases are well distributed in the dialogues and most importantly that the key message is conveyed.

Writing a Video Script

Now that you appreciate the importance of a script, it is time to get down to work. Below are steps to follow:

  1. Start With a Brief

It might sound unnecessary, but this step will save you a lot of frustrations along the way. A creative brief will keep everyone on the same page and it should include the goals, target audience, tone, call-to-action (CTA), message, the project budget and final deliverables. The creative brief is necessary to communicate the parameters of the project to the Toronto videographer or video production company. In case you are stuck along the way, you just need to go back to the brief.

  1. Prepare to Write and Re-write

With your topic in mind, start the actual writing process by getting the pen to paper. Be prepared to re-write the script a few times to get it right. Some key elements to keep in mind when writing the script are as follows:

  • The length: Should depend on several factors including your intended message and type of audience. Whatever the case, never use a long-winded plan for a production because viewers have a short attention span. Simple writing in the correct tone will go a long way to communicate your message.
  • Message: Make sure you communicate the message quickly, preferably in the first 30 seconds.
  • Content: Don’t just focus on dialogue but also everything else including shots, visuals, voiceover, transitions, audio, location, characters on set, props and stage directions. It must be thorough so that anyone else can use it to shoot. Make sure your words speak directly to the audience not the camera. The tone must also be included.
  • Script every word for the best outcome and make sure you are telling a story. Characters should find it easy to follow every detail.
  1. Bring it to Life

Words might look good on paper but will they pass the message when they are actually said? A table read or practice session helps you evaluate this. Involving a video production Toronto service and/or the Toronto videographer in this stage is a genius move.

Video has so many possibilities and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Start out with a well thought out message and what you want to achieve with the video. If you would like to know more about our budget package or how we can help with your video production Toronto, please get in touch with us today or visit