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A few decades ago, the industry of Video Production in Toronto and post production was dedicated to perform the requirements of very big companies, who are able to pay for very expensive services and specialists to create art direction, rent studios and personnel.

Video Production Toronto

Video Production Toronto- Know the studio cost

In the past, making a promotional video for TV or cinema was difficult or impossible for small companies or local services. Today, video is a necessity for business marketing and is much more affordable due to technological advancements as well as the access to great video production companies who cater to the needs of small to large business.

How much does a studio cost in Toronto?

To develop a video production in Toronto is easy to be developed by small business because costs are adequate to the income of each company with a wide range of opportunities that involve average costs of around $2000 for videography services for a day including camera, lights, sound mixer and specialists in lighting and audiovisual for a session of 10 hours, which is a reasonable price for the time, equipment, and expertise required.

Taking these videography expenses as a basis for calculating your budget, it is viable for business marketing to make a promotional video clip. We, at VCM, understand that video can be a challenge so we are ready to help you along the process to generate, create, and produce the best video for your product and service.

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When I rent a studio for video production Toronto, what services are included?

This is perhaps the main question to be considered after you make the decision to produce a promotional video to improve the visibility of your firm.

First of all, you are renting a studio and its equipment for a certain amount of time for your production.  It has to be adequate for your purposes, to allow actors and technicians to move freely for a good performance. For a good reference visit,

Second: You are hiring equipment; it means lights, stands, grip gear, and perhaps a green screen for post-production purposes, audio console and mixer, fans, microphones, and every necessary item for a good quality image and audio.

Third: A professional crew and equipment are needed in order to grant you the best results with excellent quality.

Fourth: All the necessary camera and lighting equipment are usually included in a studio rental cost. A good facility will also have a kitchen, chairs, bathrooms, green room etc., which are necessary to best support your personnel.  Quiet air conditioning is also needed as studios heat up due to production lights.

Phone and wireless internet access is also needed to share information with your partners, parking places and more are required and provided by the studio.

Video Production in Toronto

Your company deserves the best, so hire a professional company that really know all the details of production is your best bet. You don’t have to waste time looking for this service. Here at VCM, we are always happy to help you and provide the best solutions and quotations for your projects.  Over the years VCM Interactive has developed the experience required to answer your questions, solve all your challenges and provide the best price to accommodate your budget.  So don’t hesitate to contact us, schedule an appointment and start your project without delays.