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There are many reasons for your firm to invest in video production Mississauga, Toronto today. If you are running a business in the city of Toronto, these are indeed exciting times. The city has cemented its place as an economic strong house in North America. Indeed, the metropolis has been projected to enjoy the fastest growing economy with 2.7% video production Toronto - time to filmexpansion.

As an entrepreneur in the city, you have to reposition your marketing strategy by leveraging innovative marketing. Using visuals in your marketing should be a priority and for many good reasons.

Leveraging Video Production in Toronto

According to CISCO, online visual content will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. More than 500 million hours of content are watched on YouTube daily and today, 87% of marketers are using this tool. In summary, visual content is cheaper, versatile, sharable, and flexible and gives more reach for your brand.

How Long for a Video Production Toronto?

With this in mind, the next question is of course on how to get started on your corporate video production Toronto project. To do this, you need specialized skills and equipment that are costly. This is where a VCM Interactive comes in handy. This is a professional company with over 30 years in the industry. These experts have the expertise and resources to get the job done effectively and they offer an extensive range of services including 2D/3D animations, multimedia apps, videography and much more.

Well, the question of time will obviously arise especially if you are operating with a tight deadline. Whether you are pitching for the project to your boss or you own the company in Toronto, you have to consider the time it takes for filming. A realistic timeline for a 5 to 8-minute video including pre-production, the production shoot in one location and editing with client approvals/revisions should be around 10-business days.

It might look like a lot of time, but consider the following factors:

  • Location scouting and travel: You cannot just come up with a location and wait till the final day. In fact, you need to check out the place. You have to organize travel logistics and all these will take time.
  • Scripting: This will take time especially when a team is involved in preparations. Remember input from your employees and other stakeholders are crucial and will augment the quality of the film. This can take 2 to 3 days.
  • Preparation/briefing for the shoot: If you are after a high-quality corporate video production Toronto project, ensure everyone is working from the same page and this is done by giving a full brief. The team will check if everything is in place including shot lists, shooting schedules and call lists, which can take a day.
  • Filming: This is the actual work on location to capture footage and as many shots as possible. This can take a day when working with an expert. The more scenes, locations etc. will result in more filming days.
  • Post-production: This is a major part of the project and includes editing of the visuals, effects, audio, voice-overs, music, colour correction and other extras. The whole process can take around 4 days in order to come up with a high-quality film.

The length of time required to film depends on many conditions as well as the requirements of the video. However, if you would like to explore more about filming in Toronto for your next project, Contact VCM Interactive or visit us at