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At VCM we have recorded and edited a great number of important oragnizatioal events. We thoroughly understand that if you go to the expense and labour of organizing an important company event it is vitally important to document it. There are a number of reasons to do this, which include:

  • A reminder/memento for all who attended
  • A documentation for those who did not attend
  • A valuable resource of content for your website and content marketing campaigns
  • A record for current and future employees and benchmark for future events

It may be that your next company event would benefit from being recorded and VCM might be the right fit for your requirements. Or it could be that there isn’t a need for your event to be recorded, either way we will advise you accordingly so that you are not spending unnecessary money.

Video Production Toronto– Events

Events are great focal points for companies and can serve a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Bringing staff together and encouraging comradery
  • Bringing together existing customers and making them feel important
  • Bringing together potential new customers and being able to speak directly to them
  • Providing a valuable event/resource for the local community or industry
  • Celebrating an achievement
  • Launching a new product or service
  • To showcase your companies thought leader status by bringing together industry experts

These are just some examples of different events purposes/benefits but there are many more. Regardless of the purpose and benefits for your particular event it is advisable to record the event in most instances. At VCM we have recorded everything from company parties to University graduations and everything in-between. One of the many different reasons why it is a great idea to document your event is the economics of it. Your event will likely Video Production Toronto- Eventsrequire a lot of investment, so if you are going to go to all that expense the extra funding to film it won’t greatly add to that budget, but what you can get from the footage will represent a great return on investment.

Some of the things you will want to consider when booking your videographer include:

  • Do you require two cameras? Smaller more self-contained events may only require one camera, but often two cameras work far better. One camera can be trained on the main action while the other gathers B-roll of the crowd etc.
  • Do you require lighting? Most events tend to be well lit but it is normally advisable for your videographer to bring additional lighting to set up interviews etc
  • How many microphones do you need and what type? Will a top microphone and/or boom microphone suffice? Or will you need radio microphone(lapel microphone or lavalier microphone). Normally this is highly advisable so we can get the best quality audio for interviews.
  • Will filming be required for a full day or will a half-day suffice? Sometimes events take a while to get started or have allotted networking time. Often this is dead filming time that interviews can be conducted during, or you may not need the videographer during and thus can just hire them for the half day.

If you are planning an event for your organization and are considering having it recorded then give us a call and we can advise you as to your options. You may want to video tape it in order to document the day or with the specific objective of creating content from the footage, regardless, we will be able to assist you, even if you opt to go with a different production house. Contact us today to find out more.