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Promotional Product Video Production Toronto

Does your company need an effective way to promote your product and/or product launch? If so, video production Toronto may be the best solution to create awareness. There’s no question that product videos are a powerful medium to get your product in front of your target audience especially with digital media tactics. If video production is the right fit for you, the next question you may have is what it costs and where do you start. If you are undergoing a video production for the first time and are feeling out the market then you may come across Promotional Product Video Production Torontodifferent pricing. It can be a challenge comparing quotes apple to apple due to the different variables that come into play, which end up effecting the quality of the final video. There’s no question, one must do video properly especially when you are promoting a product, services or even your company. In order to get everyone on the same page a good place to start is a Creative Brief. Then you can develop a script outline that communicates the key points to reinforce through video and audio. Having a budget in mind also helps. A good video production company will guide you through the process and will develop a proposal based on your needs.

Sensors & Software Case Study

An excellent example of a company creating effective product videos is Sensors & Software. Sensors & Software is a Canadian success story in the industry of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Their products are used in a variety of different ways from construction to law enforcement. The technology finds things under the surface and the applications are endless. As marketing tactics change with the times, Sensors & Software knew that they needed to start promoting their product and it’s versatile uses in a way that took advantage of digital channels. This was crucial to create more awareness around their product line and more importantly to show how the product works and it’s various applications. The Marketing Director knew video was the answer. After trying to produce video in-house they realized the challenges with making a good video and the expertise that goes with it. That’s when they started to look for video production services in Toronto and Mississauga. Visual Communications & Marketing (VCM) was lucky to get the opportunity to help guide Sensors and Software through the process of creating good video. After a thorough discovery meeting with the Sensors & Software team, VCM encouraged them to develop storyboards and scripts in-house due to the technical specifics that needed to be conveyed. Once that was complete VCM brought their creativity and production sensibility to tell the story and promote the product in a visually captivating way while communicating the prudent points. Along with video production, VCM used motion graphics, motion titles and animation to effectively explain the product in an engaging way.

The first product video was for “Conquest 100”, which you can view below. Knowing that more product videos needed to be produced in the future, VCM developed a specific look and feel that could be translated to other videos, so viewers know that they are from the same family so to speak. This is crucial to creating and strengthening brand awareness and uniformity for all product videos. After producing three successful product videos that surpassed the client’s expectations, VCM was awarded a few more product videos. Since then, the Construction Imagevideos have worked very well for Sensors & Software and have driven sales; proving to be a very powerful and useful tool online. Seeing return on investment (ROI) Sensors & Software continues to produce product videos with VCM.

Without a doubt, video can bring great ROI to your marketing initiatives and their are various digital platforms to get the video in front of your target market. So, if you are looking at creating video to promote your product, service or brand, the right video production company in Toronto is needed. Give VCM a call today and speak to a Video Production Expert who will guide you on the exciting path of video. View VCM’s diverse video production portfolio here.