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If you need to film in Toronto it can understandably be quite a daunting prospect because of its vastness and diversity. When we take a project on clients often describe exactly what they want to us and we execute it, or they just leave us with a vague brief and we create a storyboard of our idea for them in order to get sign off. One of the most important things we can bring is a vast knowledge of potential locations, many of which we have learnt about from the productions we have worked on. Our suggested locations might be ideal for you, or we may have to try to find new ones.

Some Of The Key Locations For Video Production Toronto

When you think of Toronto, it’s such a vast and diverse city it’s impossible to describe it with just one word. It has many characteristics, often contrasting, ranging from busy and modern to serene and historical. It is a business and financial hub, but also wealthy with art and artists. In addition, it is equally Canadian as it is international. It is Toronto’s ability to be so diverse that makes it a world renowned filming location. Many movies, documentaries, short films, and corporate video productions are carried out specifically in Toronto because it is such a diverse city that whatever may be the message that needs to be conveyed, Toronto will have the perfect location for it all in one place.

If aiming for a very Canadian message, we have to mention the iconic CN tower and its presence, making it a Video productions Torontoperfect spot to film. A towering structure, it can be the backdrop to any film and everyone will recognize its Canadian spirit.

Then, the Financial District in the heart of downtown Toronto carries the energy of this modern city with its towering skyscrapers, businesses, and busy commuters. A place characterized by energy and business, it lacks nothing and often doubles in films as locations such as New York City and Los Angeles.

Not all is busy and chaotic in Toronto, however. Less known, but not to be forgotten within the busy city of Toronto, is the serene scenery such at the beautiful Toronto Music Garden, where great views of Lake Ontario, green scenery and tranquil area can convey any “green” message or one of tranquility. On this note, beaches like the Centre Island beach and the grand expanse of Lake Ontario that can be mistaken for the ocean can also make the perfect backdrop to a more nature inspired film, and they are only a short trip away from the city itself.

For a historical touch and an engaging rustic location is Toronto’s famous Distillery District, a national historic site with its industrial architecture from the Victorian-era, a recommended unique location for a unique message.

Not only is Toronto so varied in terms of its landscape, both urban and natural, but also the marked seasons with which Toronto is graced add a natural variety. Fall time, with its stunning colors, winter with its snowy days, and the bright sunny summer days all give these locations new looks and emotions every season, perfect for filming.

Last but not least, specifically dedicated studio and stage spaces, including warehouse studios and spaces, are available in Toronto for film projects at any time of the year.

However, it must be remembered that when carrying out filming of a professional and commercial nature on public grounds in Toronto, it is necessary to request a Film Permit Application from the Toronto Film, Television & Digital Media Office (TFTO) and fill it out several days before your planned shoot.

Toronto Video Production Companies Can Help You

On private property, instead, permission is often required from the property owner. Working with a professional video production company can help you figure out what you need and when you need it, which can be daunting to anyone new to producing videos in Toronto. Working with a professional video production company, such as VCM Interactive, ensures your production occurs problem free and goes smoothly for the best quality video production, in the best city to film: Toronto.