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Are you using online videos? If not, then you are missing out on a very powerful medium. In the past year, this type of content has accounted for more than half of the data traffic on mobile according to CISCO. That means that although people are watching less TV, more are turning to online video.

There are many reasons to invest in video production services for your website.

1. Grabs attention
This type of content is a serious attention grabber. You do not need to have annoying auto plays to get people’s attention. You just need to have content that is available for viewing on your website. If you can grab your audience’s attention, then you’re likely to see increase conversion rates.

2. Keeping them interested
The attention span of the average internet user is very short. It takes just a few seconds for most users to determine if they will continue viewing your content or not. A video production company can help you create content that will ensure that visitors stay on your website for longer. This will give you adequate time to convince them and increase your conversion rates.

3. Answer their questions
Many people use the internet to search for information to answer their questions. Instructional content can help build you up as an expert in your chosen niche. This will build trust in visitors to your website and in turn help to improve sales by up to 30%.

4. Easy to share
This type of content is easy to share. Viewers can share content within their networks. You’ll essentially be using your viewers for free marketing.

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