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Over the years VCM has been involved with video production in Mississauga and have been approached many times by various groups to make videos that promote the local area. Understandably many of these groups are unsure what they need and often seek out our guidance to help point out things they need to consider. What is important for us in this initial meeting is to explain what video involves in terms of cost and commitment so that they can make an informed decision as to whether video is the right format for their needs.

Video Production In Mississauga

One such time a group approached us to produce a local promotional video was when the Port Credit BIA (Business Improvement Area) decided that the best way to promote the Port Credit area was through video. The Port Credit BIA arranged for us to have a Discovery Meeting with them, the purpose of which is an exchange of information, with the aim being that we work out exactly what the client wants and then advise them on the best way as to achieving this objective.

The Port Credit BIA advised us that they would like to showcase the natural beauty the area has to offer with Video Production Mississaugaparticular focus on the waterfront. The overall objective for their video was to attract tourists and day-trippers to Port Credit in order to help boast numbers for local businesses. They were of the opinion that the video would be hosted on their website and used at the various events they attended. They would also make the video available in DVD format for local businesses to use in their own promotional activities.

After considering the brief and conducting some research VCM advised that a elegantly shot cinematic sequence of local landmarks and beauty spots, edited together with some on-screen text, and a bed of relaxing music would work best. From here VCM then went about location scouting and story boarding what the video would look like.

Before going out and executing the filming for the project VCM invited the Port Credit BIA into to talk them through the storyboard and get their sign off. They were excited with the proposal that had been set out.

In the video you can click on below you will see the result of the project for the Port Credit BIA. This was the final product after two rounds of consultation edits with the group and they were delighted with the video that was delivered. The project took four weeks to complete from start to finish and cost around $2500 + HST. In the subsequent months the group were extremely happy with their Return On Investment (ROI), estimating the video was used by dozens of local businesses and viewed thousands of times.

In this instance video was the ideal solution for the Port Credit BIA’s needs, but it may not be the right solution for you. In order to find out more so as to make an educated assessment of whether video is what you need please contact us. We will never take on a client just for the sake of it, as it is a waste of everyone’s time and money. We put so much time, effort and commitment into projects that we need the same back from clients and that is why it is important to meet to discuss your needs. If you feel you are still just at the research stage then feel free to browse around our previous video production’s in Mississauga.