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Video Production Locations

One of the most exciting processes in video production is the preparation that every team has to do before actually shooting the scenes. After completing the script and agreeing on the budget, the scouts have to find the locations to film, taking into account the message they want to deliver and the cost that the site will add to the total investment in the project.

Almost any place can be turned into a fascinating location if you have the knowledge to work on it. Every location has challenges and particularities to work with and that’s why it is vital to check them out first. For many service providers it seems very logical to film in the office, but a careful videographer will be able to advise for or against this idea if there is not enough room to work, if the activities cannot stop while the shooting takes place, bringing a lot of undesirable noise or even if there is a more creative approach to giving new life to an otherwise dull story.

Studio shooting is another very common option for creating a video. The environmental issues are perfectly controlled in this site, the experts have it perfectly tuned regarding the sound and lighting conditions, it is very easy to work with special effects because they have the technical requirements to work with, let’s say, a green screen. However, renting the studio for a few hours can have a negative impact on the video project budget.

In between these two options there is a vast array of possibilities at hand for an experienced location scout.

The Video Production Industry in Mississauga Has Tons of Options!

The proximity to Toronto and the variety of scenarios in the region makes Mississauga a privileged area when it comes to the selection of sites for filming. Some stupendous sites to shoot a video are, for instance, churches, restaurants, school rooms and theatres. Open areas like woods, parks, lakes and beaches make extraordinary landscapes for certain videos. Each type has specific problems to deal with and the experts know how to deal with each of them.

The well-differentiated seasons of the year in Ontario are a plus that many places in the world would desire to have, because videographers can create very specific atmospheres to present a product or service. However, this represents a lot of challenges that only the most experienced teams can handle. When you do exterior filming and you don’t check weather conditions or other environmental specificities, you risk damaging your equipment. For instance, very humid conditions, like those faced on waterfronts, can permanently smear a lens, while memory cards in digital video cameras are very sensitive to moisture or salty environments. Expert videographers can foresee these environmental problems and prevent them from happening in order to deliver the video on time. They also know that the best locations to work a tare where there is a cell phone signal, at least, and, preferably, internet access, because if an emergency arises there will be more opportunity to deal with it.

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