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In this digital age, where all companies have a web presence, it can be understandably overwhelming to be able to comprehend exactly the services that are available to you, or even what you need. Over the years at VCM the services we offer have grown as our clients needs have grown. We have went from only offering DVD duplication and basic video production to a wide variety of duplication and replication options as well as a plethora of video production options. In this blog post I will summarise some of the things we offer.

Video Production Company Toronto- VCM Interactive’s Services

Video Production

If you need a full service video produced from start to finish then we can take everything off your hands. From idea conception and storyboarding, through script writing, location scouting, finding on screen talent, filming, audio recording, editing and final delivery. You can be involved as much, or as little as you want.


Perhaps you only need something recorded professionally and then just want the raw footage? that’s no problem. We can give day and half day rates for professional videography including a cameraman and full broadcast quality kit, such as HD camera, lapel microphones, omni-directional microphones, tripods, lighting Video Production Company Torontoetc.

Digital Marketing

So you have made a great marketing/promotional video, now what? We have experienced digital and video marketers that can advise you how to get the most eyes on your video and thus return the best ROI.


Perhaps you have footage, such as a family home movies, that you would like edited into a succinct and compelling video. We can take care of that. Just give us the raw footage and a rough idea of what you would like it turned into and we will take care of the rest.

Motion Graphics 

Motion graphic creation is a very specialised area but fear not as VCM is very experienced in this area. Motion graphics can be an ideal solution to tell a story or explain a complex topic in a simple, but visually captivating way. Though not the cheapest media option it definitely gives you the ability to tell information that might not be possible in live action videos is very concise ways.

3D/2D Animation

Same principles as motion graphics but even more gripping and engaging to audiences. Again you will need a decent size budget for this option but there is no doubting their impact.

Multimedia Services

If video and animation is not the right option for you there are other considerations. Perhaps an online learning tools or CD’s might be better suited. The options are endless. Give us a call to talk us through what you need.

Digital Design

We can create company logos, signage and graphics as well as designing any other digital components you might need.

Website Design

Need a website overall, or create one from scratch? We can design it and then have access to some of the best programmers in the country to see that dream become a reality.

Duplication Services

In short duplication is when we burn information onto a blank form of media, whether it be a DVD or memory card. We duplicate high volume media for clients nationwide making sure only the latest technologies are used. Need 500 DVD’s for next week? no problem!

DVD, CD, Blu-ray and Memory Card Replication

Replication is the process of copying a specific media format. For example you give us a disc that you want exactly copied and we do just that, like a photocopier. Whereas with duplication you give us a fie and tell us what you want done with it, like a printer.

So there you have it a lengthy, but not exclusive, list of our services. Pretty much whatever you need, we can help you with. that’s not to say we will be the best option for you, we always advise people to do their homework when picking a production house. However we would love to talk to you further about your needs and help in any way we can. Whoo knows, we could be the video production company Toronto for you!