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Videos took 2017 by storm. They were responsible for driving 74% of internet traffic. This trend is set to grow in the coming years. This is in line with the report given by CISCO on the growth of this type of content and the volume of traffic it would drive. According to the technology company’s report, videos are set to be responsible for over 80% of online traffic by 2019. Judging by current trends, this will probably be achieved well before 2019.Video Production company Toronto: Selecting the Right one

As the industry for the production of videos grows, so does your choice for which video production company Toronto you can work with to help bring your ideas to life. This can be more challenging than what many brands imagine it to be. By the time many of our clients are getting to us, they’ve passed through the hands of production companies that just weren’t a good fit. They end up spending a lot of money on content that they either don’t use or do not get returns.

Video Production Company Toronto: Tips to Help You Choose the Right Company

  1. Quality of their work

This is a huge factor. You want to hire a team that is good at what they do. Remember that the quality of their work will reflect your brand. Your audience will judge your brand based on the outcome of your project.

A good way to judge the quality is by viewing their portfolio, which features the projects they have done. Is their work engaging, professional, and attractive?

  1. Similar style and concept

There are many companies with great work out there. How do you narrow down your choices? The best way to do this is by determining your vision for your project. Use this as you review the firm’s work and the corporate video production services they offer. Do they produce work that is similar to the concept you envision for your project? Checking out their portfolio is a great way to determine whether their style is similar to what you want to achieve with your task.

  1. Check out reviews

So, you’ve narrowed down your list and are wondering which companies are genuinely good at what they do and are reputable. See what their previous clients have to say about them by checking out their client testimonial section. If you want the honest insight of the company, check out reviews by previous clients. You can find these on independent websites as well as on social media.

It is important to note that complaints aren’t a bad thing. No one is perfect. It’s how the establishment deals with these complaints that you should look at. Was the complaint genuine? Did the firm address the customer’s concern? Are there similar complaints about the organization? Is this a trend? Are the complaints about something serious e.g. the firm not doing their job and taking the client’s money?

  1. Price

This is at the top of the list of priorities for many businesses. This isn’t surprising as many brands don’t want to spend more than what they’ve budgeted for on their task. However, it is important not to compromise on quality just to get the right price. Have a price limit on what you’re willing to spend, but don’t go for the lowest priced quotation just to save a buck. A good production company will offer a feasible solution based on your budget.

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