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It is important to use a qualified Toronto videographer if you want to stay ahead of the competition. If you are running a business in the city, you must appreciate that you have to up your game in order to survive. According to economic outlook, the city is going to have the fastest growing economy in Canada. This not only means more opportunities for your company but also unique challenges in a globalized marketplace. By leveraging video in your marketing, you will reach a larger audience and boost visibility of your brand.

Why Use a Toronto Videographer?

80% of online marketers today are leveraging videoToronto Videographer and for many good reasons. Including a visual in an email for instance, increases click-through by a whopping 200-300%. What’s more, a video on a landing page increases conversion by 80%,which is music to a marketer’s ears.

This type of content is highly effective and builds brand awareness without breaking your marketing budget. This versatile marketing technique can be used for a variety of marketing objectives and ultimately it has the best ROI compared to other advertising tools.

However, the challenge is creating a video that works. Of course, millions of films end up failing and if you want to harness the power this tool offers, you have to use an established video production company Toronto.

Toronto Videographer Advise on Camera Shots

At VCM Interactive, we offer custom services designed to boost your brand online and at the best rates. We have a creative and versatile team of experts in the city ready to listen and work with you to reach your company’s marketing goals.

If you are wondering how to pull off the best video production, below are some of the camera shots our professional videographers will use to get the job done:

  • Wide shot (WS): Depicts an entire object from head to foot.
  • Aerial shot: This is filmed from the air and is popular to show an exotic location. Was extensively used in the 70s films. Drones are used for aerials in order to keep costs down.
  • Arc shot: This entails circling of the subject with the camera and requires a lot of expertise to pull off.
  • Bridging shot: Denotes a shift in time and place.
  • Cowboy or Medium Wide Shot (MWS): Also called the American angle, it gets the name from western films where the subject is framed from mid-thighs upward.
  • Close-up (CU): This keeps the full face in frame to capture emotions or other smaller details.
  • Medium shot (MS): Subject is filmed from waist up and it is very popular in film.
  • Choker: This is a variation of a close-up and frames a subject’s face from above the eyebrows to below the mouth.
  • Eye level: This is taken with the camera approximately at the eye level, which gives a neutral effect on the audience.
  • Extreme Close-up: good for detail. A very close shot on an object or part of a person’s body i.e. hands, eyes etc.
  • Deep focus: This is a complex shot that keeps foreground, middle and background, all in sharp focus and they are not popular with producers due to the work involved.

Of course, there are others such as dolly moves, tracking shots, Dutch tilt, establishing shots, high/low angle, library, matte, over-the-shoulder, handheld, cut-in among others. Luckily, your Toronto videographer will know which is best to use to bring out the best effect.

As you can see, a professional videographer needs to have a lot of skills to deliver great video. Make sure the one you hire is technically inclined & creative. Contact VCM Interactive today or visit- and we will provide you with one of our top notch professional videographers to get your project filmed on time and within budget.