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Finding a professional, experienced Toronto Videographer that’s a right fit for your business and budget can be a challenge. Corporate video production Toronto is on the rise especially with popularity of video as a leading marketing tool online. Video is very influential, builds trust, gets attention and is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What better way to create brand awareness and promote your company’s services and products than with a well-produced video! Hubspot reports that Internet ad spend is about to surpass TV ad spend, which clearly shows the power of video on the internet.  Did you know that 45% of people watch more than one hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week? Video content creation needs commitment and consistency for it to work for your company and marketing initiatives. First of all, businesses need to understand why they are creating videos. The fact of the matter is that in order to be successful with video marketing you need to creating more videos, more often.  This is why a marketing strategy is prudent and you need to find a good Toronto videographer to work with.  Videographers come with different experience levels, expertise and of course rates. In this blog we are going to outline what a professional videographer Toronto rate is based on and what you can expect to spend.

At VCM we have been producing corporate and commercial videos for over three decades for our clients. We understand that small to Toronto Videographer - VCM Interactivelarge companies need video so we make the process easy and cost effective regardless of the story that needs to be told. For businesses who are new to video and trying it out we offer a budget package. This cost effective package is a great value because it includes an experienced videographer Toronto for a one-day shoot equipped with a HD camera, lens kit, tripod, lighting package, audio equipment as well as 8-hours of basic editing to get your video done for $1,650.00 + HST.  This budget package really is a great deal for companies looking to get a video done and test the market. For bigger corporate video production Toronto projects, we offer custom solutions to make it work within a budget. We are solution providers, producers and story tellers so we want to create the best video possible without compromise to quality and storytelling.  You can visit our Toronto Videography service page to find out what our rates are. Below we explain what a professional Toronto videographer rate is based on.

Toronto Videographer – Rates

Rates are usually based on a half-day (4 to 6-hours) or a full-day shoot (8 to 12-hours). If filming takes multiple days a videographer may offer a discount for the volume of work. Rates also depend on what equipment is needed for the production. Usually a basic shoot requires a video camera, lenses, tripod, lighting kit and mics. So, for the equipment and the videographers labour the average half-day rate is anywhere from $500 to $1,000 + HST.  For a Full-day shoot the average rate is $1,000 to 1,750.00 + HST. Some factors that come into play such the experience level of the videographer and the type of HD video camera being used (DSLR’s that shoot HD video are usually priced in the lower price bracket).  Always look at the video portfolio to make sure the quality is good and it’s always beneficial to meet with the person who is behind the camera before you start any project.

Research different service providers and what see what they offer. Take these rates as an average. Find a reliable and experienced videographer to spearhead your video content because you’ll need to keep on generating more content. It’s always smart to foresee how you can repurpose footage for other videos. Have a strategy and have a solid team to get the job done. Contact us if you are thinking about producing a video. We offer a free consultation to see how we can help and offer solutions to get your video project done on time and on budget.