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There’s a lot of demand for a professional and experienced Toronto videographer these days.  This is the ninth blog in a series offering information about what it takes to be a professional videographer.  Our last blog in the series spoke about lighting tools you should have in your kit. This blog will explain the importance of maintaining your camera equipment.

More businesses are seeing the value in corporate video production Toronto for their marketing endeavors.  There’s no doubt that video can work in many ways for a business especially with the influence of the internet. Forrester reports that adding video to your business website increases your chance of a front-page Google result by 50 times. Further, Vidyard notes that company websites and social media are the two most popular distribution channels for business video.  One thing is that your business needs video but it’s very important that you find a good video production company that understands your needs.

A good and trustworthy video production company Toronto will be able to supply a producer and Toronto videographer to support your needs.  At VCM Interactive we’ve been producing videos for corporations, broadcast, ad agencies and digital platforms for decades. We understand the needs of our clients and the video market in order to provide our clients with the best visual storytelling through engaging cinematic images. We give high production quality regardless of budget. We can scale up or scale down a production depending on the needs of the project whether it’s providing a Toronto videographer for a day shoot or a full on production with a crew for a multi-day shoot.  View our rates for Toronto videography services.

Toronto Videographer – Importance of Camera Equipment maintenance


It is important for a video production company Toronto and a videographer to maintain their camera equipment in order keep the equipment working properly and to increase longevity. You’re aware that camera equipment is not cheap so keeping it in good condition is a must!  Equipment goes through a lot of different not-so-friendly situations such as rain, snow, and dust. Get maintenance on the camera body from time to time because pixels can burn out on digital cameras.View a step by step process here. Here’s some tools you can use to clean your camera and lenses.

  1. Rocket blower – removes any larger bits of dust etc. from the camera body and lens.
  2. Lens Pen – is good for smaller lenses. Use circular motion.
  3. Lens wipes – great for wiping lenses and camera body. Use circular motion.
  4. Microfibre cleaning cloths – good for cleaning the lens and getting rid of stubborn marks. Don’t use it on too many devices without washing it in water.
  5. Make-up brush – comes in handy to clean away dust from the camera and lens. Make sure it’s brand new and the more expensive ones are the best because they have the softest bristles.
  6. Tek Towel – cleans and dries the camera equipment very well.
  7. Zip lock bag – to store all the cleaning tools so they stay clean and free of dust as much as possible.

These cleaning tools will help a Toronto videographer keep their camera and lenses clean and in good working order. Corporate video production Toronto is very competitive so once you land a gig you want to do it well!  Clean and test your equipment before every shoot to make sure everything is working properly. Contact us if you want to learn more about VCM Interactive’s corporate video production and videography services.  We offer a free consultation to discover your video needs so we can provide a solution.