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Toronto videographer - lighting toolsBeing a professional Toronto Videographer is a highly skilled job. This is the eighth blog in a series of blogs offering information on what it takes to be a good videographer. This blog will give you tips on what lighting equipment you can use to make your video look great and increase the production value. Thus far we’ve covered:

  1. Video cameras and microphones
  2. Tripods and Lighting
  3. Sliders, shoulder mounts and follow-focus
  4. Lenses
  5. Lens filters
  6. Camera cases and bags
  7. Miscelaneous camera equipment such as:
    • Hard drives
    • Monitor
    • Gaffer and Marking tape
    • Light meter

Video has always been a powerful communication and marketing tool and the popularity is increasing with the digital age. In fact, Hubspot reports that North Americans ranked video as the #1 content asset they would like to see from brands. With this impressive statistic, Corporate video production Toronto services are needed in the corporate world. Finding a good service provider for video can be a challenge since there are so many out there offering different price ranges.  Going with a freelance Toronto videographer is very different from hiring a professional corporate video production Toronto company. A video production company will offer all the services from creative development, Toronto videography to post production to get your video produced under one roof. At VCM Interactive we provide production services and solutions for small to large companies. Using a freelance videographer will only capture the footage.  When looking at producing video content keep these things in mind. If you choose to hire a Toronto videographer over a corporate video production Toronto company, then these tips will help you make your video look great using professional lighting equipment.

Toronto Videographer – Lighting Tools


Professional Toronto videography should use production lighting in order to control lighting scenarios and to bring a quality look to your video production. Having production lighting can allow you to capture cinematic images with shallow depth of field, bring texture to backgrounds etc. Whether you are lighting a scene or just an individual for a testimonial video, production lighting will come in very handy. Here are some lighting accessories that will help you control the lighting you bring in

  1. Diffusion Diffusion is very important for softening hard light and for making light look natural. Plain diffusion softens directional light by scattering it. An experienced videographer will take care of selecting, mounting, and fine tuning diffusion. In bigger productions using a crew, a gaffer will take care of this.
  2. Gels Use lighting gels for colour correction. Correcting the colour temperature (kelvin) is important i.e. Colour temperature orange (CTO) or Colour temperature blue (CTB). Lighting gels can also be used for adding colour to your lighting scenario. Rosco and Leefilters offer many colours to choose from. Neutral density gels are also beneficial depending on your lighting scenario and the space you are working with.
  3. Flags – Lighting flags will help you block, shape and direct light in different lighting scenarios. Bounce cards are also helpful.
  4. Scrims – Scrims are screens that go on top of the light you are using. They lower the intensity of the light by .5 of a stop, full stop etc.

These tools will help you when working with any professional lighting scenario. Every videographer should have these accessories in their lighting kit in order to have control over light.

At VCM Interactive we offer professional Toronto videography services for small to large productions. Contact us for a free consultation where we do a thorough discovery of your needs and budget so we can provide a viable solution.