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Toronto Videographer - equipment

This is the seventh article in a series of blogs offering advice on what equipment you need to be a professional Toronto Videographer. So far we’ve covered:

  1. Video cameras and microphones
  2. Tripods and Lighting
  3. Sliders, shoulder mounts and follow-focus
  4. Lenses
  5. Lens filters
  6. Camera cases and bags

This blog will talk about miscellaneous equipment that you will need to get the job done right when offering Toronto Videographer services. We’ve been offering corporate video production services for over 3-decades, so we know what it takes.

Video content is a marketing tool that companies need to stay relevant in today’s digital age. In fact, Forbes reports that 2017 is the year of Video Marketing. Here’s an interesting stat about video production – 76.5% of marketers and small business owners in an Animoto survey who have used video marketing say it had a direct impact on their business. Whether you hire a video production company or a professional videographer to create your videos you will need to strategize the video content properly in order to get maximum return on investment from the videos you produce. An experienced video production company will be able to help you with the video marketing strategy and how to leverage the content on the internet and social media. Things to consider is the main message of the video, objective and goal, target audience, and tone. All of this information should be put into a detailed creative brief so you can effectively communicate the initiative to the corporate video production company or Toronto videographer you hire. If you plan on producing the video with in-house resources these tools may come in handy.

Toronto Videographer – Miscellaneous Equipment


  1. Hard drives – you will need a 500GB to 2TB drive for all the footage you capture. It’s always a good idea to back-up all the footage onto a second hard drive in case something happens to the primary drive. Gtech, Western Digital and Seagate all make good stable hard drives.
  2. Monitor – an onboard camera monitor will come in handy on any video shoot so you can properly view the image you are filming to make sure of focus marks and composition. Sometimes the little camera monitor just doesn’t do the job and you can risk things in your shot being out of focus. If other people like a Director, Producer and/or client is out filming with you another monitor will come in handy so they can see the images you are shooting.
  3. Gaffer and marking tape – Gaffer tape is very handy on set so you can tape down electrical wires running from production lights etc. Marking tape in different colours comes is useful to mark actor/talent points so they know where to stand.
  4. Light Meter – a light meter will come in very handy on set so you can make sure of your exposure. A light meter will also help you figure out lighting ratios so everything looks pristine and meets the creative look you are going for.

Having a complete camera kit with all the tools is essential to any professional corporate video production.  A keen, experienced eye and good quality equipment will help bring your video to life. If you are looking to create a video for your business and marketing initiatives, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’re happy to help find a solution for your needs and budget.