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Here’s another blog providing advice on what equipment you need to become a good Toronto Videographer. This is part six of a series of blogs we’ve written on the subject. Part 5 discussed the type of filters that should be included in a camera and lens kit.

In part 6 we will be covering camera cases and bags, so you can keep your camera equipment safe when transporting it to the filming location or studio. It’s very important to have all your camera equipment in one place and protected. Maintenance and camera tests before a shoot are also very important and will be covered in a future blog.

Video marketing is becoming a necessity for most businesses in order to stay relevant and to tell their story in today’s market where people are watching more and more video content. Forbes reports 5 things that your marketing strategy should include. In order to produce effective and professional quality video content for your marketing strategy a company will need to find a good, professional video production company or videographer in Toronto. In a past blog posting we provide valuable information why a videographer is a service that all companies need. Finding the right video production partner is key so they can provide solutions and insight into the best way to produce your video content. Many companies under estimate what goes into creating a good video, so an experienced corporate video production company is necessary to get things done efficiently and effectively while giving you a return on investment. If you decide to do the video in-house these tips will definitely come in handy. Here is some information about how to store and carry your camera equipment so it is safe.

Toronto Videographer – Camera Cases and Bags

Pelican cases – Pelican cases are the most durable way to store and carry your valuable camera equipment. They are especially handy if you are traveling by plane or train because even if the case is mishandled it will keep your equipment protected due to the hard plastic covering. Pelican cases are customizable because they have a foam interior that you can take out to make different compartments to fit your gear. There are smaller caes to store your lav mics and other accessories. Vistek is a great source to get a durable pelican case for your camera equipment. You can see an assortment of cases here.

Toronto Videographer - camera bagCamera bags – there are several camera bags that will store and protect your camera equipment. The right bag for you depends on how much gear you are putting in it like the number of cameras (Video Camera and DSLR), lenses, filters audio equipment etc. and of course your budget. Some bags even have a compartment for a laptop as well as an outside strap to secure a light weight tripod. A great camera bag that we recommend is the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW bag.

Choose the best case or bag to suite your needs and budget. It’s worth investing in a good product because it will protect your expensive equipment from any damages.

If you decide that you need to hire a corporate video production company or videographer for your video needs please contact us. We offer a free consultation so we can do a thorough discovery of what your video requirements are and how we can provide a solution to fit your budget. Talk to one of our experienced producers today.