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This article is part three of a series that will give you a useful guide on how to become a Toronto Videographer. Camera and microphones were covered in part one. In part two other camera equipment like tripods and lighting were covered. In part 3 we will go over some additional video production equipment that will make your video look even better by giving it a cinematic feel.

Corporate video production is a great way to promote and create awareness about your business’s services and products. The question is do you produce the video in-house or do you hire a professional video production company.  A professional video production company will dedicate an experienced Toronto videographer to your project? If you have someone at your company that’s experienced with video then you may decide to create the video using your in-house resources. If this is the case, then these tips may come in handy in improving the video production quality. The camera equipment discussed below is worth looking into because it will allow you to get more variety with your shots making the production quality better and to create an even better looking video.

Toronto Videographer – Additional Camera Tools

Camera Slider Toronto VideographerSlider: A camera slider allows you to slide your camera in a steady, fluid motion resulting in a dynamic shot. A slider acts like a mini dolly or track for your camera. It’s especially useful in run and gun type situations and where you don’t have a lot of space. It’s a very handy piece of equipment and is relatively in expensive especially if you compare it with renting a dolly. There are a variety of companies that offer camera sliders. Look for a slider that will be good for the size and weight of your camera. Cinevate sliders are a good option. Keep in mind that you will need a fluid head from your tripod to mount on the slider.

Shoulder Mount: a shoulder mount for your camera will help you stabilize your shots when moving and allow you to get a variety of shots. These are ideal for run and gun type situations.

You will find that there’s an assortment of shoulder mounts and rigs for your camera. Do your research and find the best one to meet your needs and budgets.

Follow-focus: A follow focus system will come in very handy in a lot of situations where you need to follow the action like when using a slider or when you need to follow your subject and keep it in focus.  B&H offers a good variety of follow-focus systems depending on your needs and budget.

These three pieces of camera equipment will prove to be very useful in many shooting scenarios and will give an added professional touch to your shots. There’s no doubt that these effective tools will better equip you as a Toronto videographer.

Next time I will be writing about camera lenses and filers, which will allow you to capture beautiful images through better optics! This will represent the forth of a series of articles designed to give you a complete overview if you are looking to become a videographer. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more please contact us at VCM and we would be happy to advise you as best we can. Otherwise browse our company website for more great articles, resources, and information