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This article is part two of a series that will give you a useful guide on how to become a Toronto Videographer. In part one I discussed camera and microphone considerations and in this part two I will be going over some other essential equipment needed for a successful video production.

If you decide that you want to use corporate video production to help promote your business then this is a wise decision. The very first question you must answer is whether to use a professional video production company to produce your video or whether to do it yourself. I have written extensively in the past about the pros and cons of using a professional video production company so this article will focus on if you decide to do it yourself.

Toronto Videographer – Other Equipment

So if you have decided that you want to become a Toronto videographer for your own business then there is a lot you are going to have to learn. In our last article, we looked at cameras and audio equipment, which are the absolute fundamental basics needed. However, you do need other equipment in order to make the video as professional looking as possible.

Tripod – After you get your camera and audio recording equipment the next most important piece of equipment is your tripod. Sure you can get a very basic tripod for as little as $25-$30. Sure you can get by with this if the filming you are doing is completely static and you are just using a locked off shot. A locked off shot means you set the frame (the whole picture of what you are filming) and you never change it. If you need to have movement in the shot, like panning or tilting, then this requires a more expensive tripod called a fluid head tripod. I will expand upon different filming techniques in later articles.

Lighting – I always like to try and film only using natural light but I will be honest, there are very few and far Video Production Torontobetween occasions where you can get away without using any artificial lighting. Now you can go out and use a spare lamp in your office to help lighten up your subject matter, or you can go out and spend thousands on lighting. As with all filming equipment, you get what you pay for. If you have a no budget try and improvise using things already at your disposal like lamps etc, if you have a small budget then you could try and invest in some basic photographers lights for $150-$200. If you have a larger budget I would thoroughly recommend getting a colour temperature and brightness control LED panel light with batteries. The advantage of these lights are you get much more control over the light and you don’t need to be close to a power source so they are great for filming outside or filming on the go. Again as we get deeper into video production Toronto techniques I will explain more about lighting.

Next time I will be writing more about some of the optional pieces of equipment that will help make your video look even better. This will represent the third of a series of articles designed to give you a complete overview if you are looking to become a videographer. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more please contact us at VCM and we would be happy to advise you as best we can. Otherwise browse our company website for more great articles, resources, and information