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If you haven’t boarded the animation marketing bandwagon yet, then you are missing out on limitless opportunities. The jury has decided and the verdict can’t be more convincing for business owners. A Forrester Research study says 45.4% of internet users watch at least one online clip in the course of a month.
Leveraging Video production Toronto services should then be a no-brainer because this is the medium that is bound to impact the advertising industry. It is the future of media and if you want to get noticed there is no better tool to capitalize on.
If you are not yet convinced here are more reasons why professional corporate video production will shape the future of marketing:
1. Smaller Budget
The beauty of making digital video clips as opposed to traditional print media or broadcast is the fact that it is affordable and you can target specific audiences efficiently. Whether you are a global entity or a small retail shop, Video production companiesin Toronto offer you the best marketing rates.

2. Traction
According to ComScore, over 77% of online traffic by the year 2016 will be in form of clips. There is no better marketing tool for businesses to gain traction in their niche.

3. Improved ROI
Professional video creation companies enable you to increase dwell rates on your page by up to 20% according to Eye blaster and dwell time by 100%.

4. Creative Edge
Your print ads are the least creative marketing tools. In fact they rarely involve employees but this is bound to change. Your staff will actively be involved in the video production services and this enhances your brand’s image.

5. More Engagement
The modern consumer is more conscious and they want to know you intensely before interacting with your brand. A simple explainer interactive video can entice target customers to engage with your business more.

6. Google Ranking
Google loves visual and motion content and the media is now changing in order to provide more of it- Content is King. Businesses looking for better ranking will have to change their approach by investing in professional video content.

7.Sharable Content
If you want your brand to go viral there is no better approach than online clips. The media industry is now realizing this hence the increased usage of this branding tool.
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