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If you want to leverage power in video marketing, then you must appreciate the need for perfection as means to an end in achieving the desired outcome.

Camera Prepping
A good video production is only possible if you prepare for the shoot early in advance. However, one of the most overlooked duties in shooting is the art of prepping. As an assistant there are some things you need to consider when prepping gear for the videographer. These include:

1. Use a Checklist for the Gear
Now that everything is in disarray and you want to prep before production starts, it is even more beneficial to have a checklist in hand. Furthermore, a checklist will help keep you organized as you sort through the gear and equipment that is required for the job. For example, batteries, tripods, storage media and anything else that could be useful in the shoot, must be packed. If anything is missing make sure to get it before the project starts.

2. Test the Camera
Although you may have used the same equipment for a previous job, this does not always guarantee that malfunctions won’t occur. Therefore, a credible corporate videographer will always insist on testing everything before starting the shoot to avoid any mishaps.

3. Consider Battery Charge
Batteries are an important feature in allowing equipment to operate successfully. With that said there is nothing more frustrating than to be starting a shoot then to only realize your battery charge is low. Therefore, if you are the assistant make sure you have enough charge to last the entire project and if necessary make sure there are extra batteries.

4. Setting Up
If you are already on location you can select the best position to place the camera and set it up for the videographer. Once the tripod is in position, clean the lenses and check your focus.

5. Prep Storage Media
Saving a video safely must be top priority during a shoot. Therefore, ensure that there is enough storage for the expected shots. The media used must be stored safely to guarantee a quality final product.

There you have it. Camera prepping doesn’t have to be so frustrating after all. Call 905.361.2977 & Speak To Our Expert Videographers in Toronto