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Numbers never lie, they say, and when it comes to effectiveness of video marketing, this old-age wisdom aptly applies. Take for instance the fact that Facebook had four billion clip views per day according to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
It gets even more fascinating when you consider an Invodo Study projecting over 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be visual. If you have not yet incorporated corporate video production in your promotional strategy, you are definitely missing a lot. If these numbers haven’t convinced you, here are a few more reasons to jump onto this bandwagon.
1. Uniqueness
However interesting your blog is, you will concur that the competition still has similar content. With video production however, you can create unique content using tools such as 2D/3D animations and motion graphics , among other innovative techniques to stand out.

2. Better Ranking
It is no secret that Google loves visual content. If you are looking to leverage higher ranking then start talking to a professional Toronto production company to come up with exquisitely done clips when you have an event, launch or just to promote your brand.

3. More Exposure
Most likely you have already watched the new Jaguar XF clips on You Tube; millions of people have already done so. This is the power of this marketing tool. What’s more, Forrester Research says over 87% of videos are shared again enhancing your brand exposure.

4. Versatility
Whether you are promoting corporate culture internally, launching a product, marketing your brand or holding an event, a videographer will always have an interesting way of making your ideas into perfect productions.

5. More Engagement
Interactive clips are the in thing today and they help you communicate better with target customers. This personal engagement makes the best marketing tool for your company.
An Aberdeen Group research report in 2014 shows this tool gets 95% rating in terms of effectiveness from marketers. This is the reason you must integrate it in your marketing strategy.