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If you’re like most of our clients, you recognize the power of video to increase sales, marketing and communication efforts. It is predicted that video will soon account for more than 80 percent of online traffic by 2021. However, there’s much more to video production than meets the eye.

Professional Video Production Services

The videographer knows it’s more than just luck

Wouldn’t it be great to post a video online and receive more than a million views in a day? Many of the businesses that approach us have this vision in mind. They assume that as long as the video is appealing, it will get millions of views and become an instant internet sensation.

What many of these business owners don’t realize is that the world of video production is not evenly distributed. Any skilled and experienced videographer in Toronto will tell you that views aren’t everything. Effective videos are designed to increase engagement and this is what every business needs. These videos make an impact on the target audience. Producing a great video with quality messaging and production value is one thing…getting views is another. This is where strategy comes into play. How you plan on using the video content is important to your success!

Reasons why videos fail and how a producer/videographer can help improve them

  1. Lack of relevant content

Many people make the mistake of trying to please everyone when making their videos. This is impossible. You end up with content that no one can relate to. A professional will help you identify different personas and develop different videos to engage each group. These personalized videos are more targeted and more likely to engage viewers than generalized content.

  1. Making clips for entertainment

While videos ought to be entertaining, this isn’t their sole purpose and shouldn’t be your main focus. Video production Toronto ought to be aimed at providing viewers with a clip that is engaging, informative, worth sharing and convincing.

  1. Making boring videos

On the other extreme end are videos that bore their audiences. This in many instances is as a result of not truly understanding your target audience. A professional will carry out research to determine what your audience’s interests are. This information will be crucial in coming up with a story that will be exciting and encourage engagement.

  1. Very long videos

Videos are said to convey more information than written content in a shorter period. This is one of the main reasons people prefer videos to any other type of content. However, it is important to understand that there is a limit to the patience of the online viewer. Long videos are likely to have the same response as long winded articles. Viewers are likely to trail off at some point.

Professionals know to keep clips short and informative. They’ll get the information out in the shortest possible time to ensure it reaches all viewers.

  1. Giving your video a boring title

This is a common mistake. Your thumbnail or title should be a reflection of what is to come. They should whet the viewers’ appetite. A professional will help you choose a title and thumbnail that screams ‘click me’.

If your business is looking for ways to engage your audience using video, get in touch with us at VCM for professional video production Toronto services.  Our talented producers, directors, videographers and editors will help you make an impact.

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