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First things first; everyone loves watching videos, and to confirm this, you just need to look at the rise of YouTube and other visual platforms. 70% of marketers, according to Forrester Research, plan to increase this medium next year, and over 87% have already created their productions.

Interactive clips are the future of corporate communication whether you are launching a product, promoting an event or just educating your clients on how to use your services and/or products. To achieve the intended impact you need to invest in professional corporate video production. More importantly, you need to appreciate the main benefits your company will reap from this investment and they include:

1. Effectiveness
The ingenuity of an interactive production is the fact that you allow viewers to interact with you and others watching this content. Research shows that interactivity is the gist of effective learning and as such, your message will be received and retained much more effectively than when using an ordinary clip.

2. Versatility
Whether you are selling SUVs or shaving gels, an interactive clip done by an established video production company comes in handy. This tool can teach, promote, and market all type of audiences. Whatever you need to communicate this tool is available for you.

3. Engagement
A 2014 Nielsen study shows that over 69% of viewers watch three quarters of clips they open. If you engage them they will watch everything and even go further to recommended landing pages.

4. Tracking
Using analytical tools, you can follow what viewers are doing. For instance, you can tell when they tapped on your presentation and when they stopped watching and compiling such data helps your business learn preferences and effectiveness of the project.

5. Linking to Exclusive Content
You can use annotations for linking to exclusive content to allow viewers to interact with your brand more closely. This engages potential customers even further.

Well, you can issue a call to action, promote older content and do much more; just call 905.361.2977 to get video production services on time and within budget.