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If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are worth a million and interactive video-production even more so. Interactive videos are those, which merge conventional audiovisual presentations with elements that demand/encourage human input. They come in many different types e.g. clickable hotspots, in-video purchase capability and overlays. Interactive videos allow consumers to become part of the advertisement, hence increase efficacy and memorability.

1. Collection of audience information

Interactive videos such as web video production foster gradual disbursement of information from the audience as they consume your content and participate accordingly. They decide when and how this interaction occurs, in turn giving them more control over their experience and hence more positive results at the end of the process.

2. Add ardor to your marketing campaign

Just like video games, using 3D animation video production Toronto services and other similar technologies can add oomph to your marketing strategy by gamifying your marketing campaign. Whether you create your own game or blend your campaign into an existing one, you can enrich user experience and hence increase ROI (Return on Investment) for your campaigns. It doesn’t have to be complex either; it could be as simple as offering a reward when they do certain things, like tweeting about your company or checking into your online store.

3. Achieve virality with custom content

The best examples of this are the roller-skating babies from Evian and the dancing Pony from Three Mobile. Using experienced video production Toronto companies; these can be copied on a smaller scale by allowing your users to control your video content e.g. inserting themselves or their loved ones into the process. This is the main idea behind video after all; allowing users to have control over the content they see, which promises great rewards.
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