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Videographer Toronto for Video production TorontoAre you looking for videographer Toronto services? If so, then it is a good choice because video is now considered one of the most effective marketing tools available. In a fast growing economy like this one, you have to rethink your advertising strategy in order to stay ahead of the competition. The positive outlook of the economy translates to opportunities, so you have to outsmart the competition in order to reach your target market. This is where videos come in handy.

Whether you are running a local store or a fully online business, you can leverage the popularity of visuals in promotions to remain competitive. A HubSpot survey published on Forbes shows the reason video is being referred to as the future of marketing. It indicates that 80% of all internet traffic is expected to be visual by 2020.

The same study shows the effectiveness of visuals in marketing; adding a video to your emails for instance increases click-through rates by 200 to 300%. Among consumers surveyed, 90% said they watch ads of products and services before purchasing. All these numbers highlight the importance of video in your marketing strategy.

How to get a Videographer Toronto

Video Production Toronto is a mix of creativity and technical expertise. While millions of visuals are being launched every day, most of them don’t achieve the intended objective. You might have a camera to do your in-house production but this in most cases will not help you meet your goals. You need an experienced, professional producer, videographer, and editor to get the job done right.

This is where the services of an established video production Toronto company comes in handy. If you are looking for the highest ROI, VCM Interactive has been in the industry for over 30 years and this gives it an edge over any other firm in this line of business. They have invested lots of resources to guarantee total satisfaction for their clientele.

While working with a professional videographer guarantees better ROI, you need to consider the following factors in order to ace it in production. Take a look:

  1. Get to the Point quickly – You should strive to offer information about your brand or products in the first few seconds. Within a few seconds, the viewer should get an idea of what you are all about. Remember in marketing, there should be no room for guesswork. The content should elicit interest in order to encourage the viewer to watch it all.
  2. Add Visuals on Your Website Landing Page – Adding this tool on your landing page will boost conversion by over 80% and this should be reason enough to do it. An engaging ad for instance, captures the interest of target customers, which is an important step in the overall lead generation process.
  3. Leverage Social Media – If your business is not already utilizing social media in its marketing campaigns, this is the time to start doing it. Millions of people are now on social media and the main type of content they are sharing is visual. Your material can go viral and boost your brand mentions resulting in increased brand awareness.
  4. Use It in Email Campaigns – Email marketing still remains highly effective and with a good video, you will increase click-through-rates (CTR) by over 200%.
  5. Add Humour – If you go online, most of the shared visual content is funny and still has a message. This is an approach you must utilize.

At VCM Interactive we believe in delivering quality at cost effective rates. Contact us to hire our creative professional videographer Toronto for all your video production needs. For more information go through our website at